why are pergolas so expensive

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why do pergolas have to be so expensive to buy as a kit? if i ever plan to build one i'll have to do it from scratch. boo, that's not my expertise.

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you cannot easily paint a vinyl pergola, however, so your color choices are limited. fiberglass: fiberglass pergolas are generally the most expensive way to go, but they come with significant benefits. because fiberglass is so strong, you can span much longer distances without posts, (in some cases, about 20 feet) giving you a cleaner look).

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the style of a pergola is timeless, so there's no need to change it each year or make any additions. building pergolas is one of the easiest remodeling projects you will ever undertake. by simply following the directions of a kit or buying the pieces pre-assembled, you can create a pergola in a matter of hours.

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this pergola looks very sturdy, so you will need thick wood to build it. the pieces of wood in the roof are very spaced out. this pergola is a bit expensive considering the full roof and the fireplace. the materials necessary for 1 sq. ft. cost around $11. the pergola was designed to be supported by two walls which is why the column is

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you can also hire a local handyman to put a kit together for you. it would probably only take him a day so it wouldn’t be terribly expensive. the pergola kits are all pre-fabricated and partially put together in easy to ship sections. they come with complete instructions for you to follow.

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