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most stairbuilders use dimensional lumber for stair framing, but if you want super strong and strht stringers, consider making them out of engineered lumber. the international residential code irc governs the maximum rise the height of each step and the minimum run the depth of each step , which are 7-3/4 in. and 10 in., respectively.

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metal brackets. another option is to use ez stairs metal support brackets, which have a right-angle design that supports both the treads and the risers. according to the manufacturer, its system can be used with a single pair of stringers to build exterior deck stairs that are as wide as 7 feet.

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when using synthetic decking for treads, consult the decking manufacturer's instructions - many require stringers be spaced no farther apart than 12 inches or 10 inches, and some even require spacing as close as 8 inches.

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if your deck is 56 inches 140 cm off the ground, for example, and youve chosen a rise of 7 inches 18 cm , youll get 8, which is the total number of steps youll need. if the difference of the height and planned rise is a fraction, round down to the nearest whole number.

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as a builder by trade, i often times use a 2x14 stringers if the run is long. this will reduce the spring in the stairs as you go up or down them. but at only 4 ft. high, 2x12 will be fine.

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the state of georgia 2015 prescriptive deck code amendments page 5, figure 33 stair stringer requirements allows maximum unsupported span of 13 ft 3 in for a solid stringer versus only 6 feet for a sawn stringer.

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shop deck stair stringers in the deck stairs section of seven trusts.com. find quality deck stair stringers online or in store. decking and porches. deck stairs. deck stair stringers; deck stair stringers. sort by: featured. featured. 6-step pressure treated southern yellow pine deck stair stringer.

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constructing durable stair stringers. the number and size of the risers are found by dividing this distance into risers of equal height, providing the riser height does not exceed local building codes. an overall vertical height between floors of 9 feet 4 inches would give 16 risers each at 7 inches.

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the lumber needed to build the primary portion of a deck is based on the height of the deck and its overall size. the lumber needed to build the handrails depends on the design, which may vary

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stair stringers are cut from 2x12 lumber. for exposed side stringers, use cedar lumber. make one stringer for each 16 inches of stair width. allow for light boxes if riser lights will be installed. stair risers are cut from 2x8 material. stair treads are made from deck board material.

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deck stair stringer 2×4 base plate. the stringers are notched to fit a 2×4 base plate screwed to the landing 2×8 joists and interior blocking. the stringers rest on the base plate without nails or screws. the plate prevents forward movement of the stairs:

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you should use either 2-by-12 or 2-by-14 wood for stringers. also, since different grades of wood are available for residential building, you need to make sure that you are either buying number 1 or select grade materials.

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lines for cutting. for example, set them at 11 inches for the tread or run, the first leg of the cut, and 7 inches for the riser or height. start at the bottom end of the stringer, place the square tight with the hex nuts resting on the lumber's edge with the l-shape protruding into the stringer's width.

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building two sets of steps for the deck; never done this before. the steps will be four feet wide and 30' from the ground to the top of the deck. what size lumber do i use for the stringers? will 1 x 10 work or should i go with 1 x 8 ?

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what size of wood do i need to build stair stringers? i am building a set of stairs that is going to a platform that is only about 4 ft high. i am about to trace them out on the wood and assumed that i should use 2x10 wood but i'm second guessing myself and thinking maybe i should use 2x12 wood for the stringers.

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in this video i will provide you with a useful method to create wider and larger stair stringers using smaller pieces of lumber for those of you who live in areas around the world where you can't

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the stair stringers are essentially the backbone of your staircase. always use strht, high-quality, pressure-treated 2x12s for stair stringers. if you are planning on resting the stringer on the ground, make sure the wood has .60 ret level. you want the crown side of the board to be on the cut side.

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the basic method for cutting stair stringers -- the diagonal boards that support the treads and risers -- is pretty much the same regardless of the size, length or number of stringers in the

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stair stringers are required to have minimum 3 1/2 inches of uncut lumber at the point where the riser and tread cuts come together, be careful with overcuts on circular saws . the riser can be maximum 7 3/4 inch high and the tread a minimum 9 inch, with the combined dimensions of two risers and one tread to be between 24 and 25 inches,

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that will probably work out good. i just need to figure out the length and sell him into buying 10' stringers. i too think 8' inchers are going to be a little flimzy at a heighth of 8'. i will probably go with the cleats as it seems easier and quicker but may talk him into 12' stringers and cut them in. less wood if i cut them in.