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planers can't flatten boards .really?

supposedly, the planer rollers will flatten the board temporarily while it takes off stockso what you end up with is a smiley-face shape board. im currently breaking down some thick seven trust stock about 5/4 oak, 8 inches wide. i only have a 6 jointer, so i cant go the traditional route of jointing, then planing. cupped boards.

planing warped boards tip from the family handyman

a jointer is the best tool for flattening twisted, warped boards. but what if you dont have a jointer or the board is too wide? set the board on a sled, a flat piece of 3/4-inch plywood. then shim the high corner s so the board doesnt rock. also shim high spots in the middle of the

wood floor cupping and other common problems: spotting the

a cupped floor needs ample time to dry. if the floor is sanded while the boards are still cupped, the sanding process will sand off only the raised edges of the boards. when the floor dries and returns to a normal mc, these sanded edges will be lower than the center of the boards. what causes wood floors to buckle?

are your deck boards installed right side up?

one of the things we learned was that there is a right side up on deck boards. and it isnt the prettier side of the board. have you ever seen a deck where one board is rotting while the board right next to it is perfectly fine? chances are the rotting board has been installed wrong side up. lets start with a quick lesson on lumber.

how to use a benchtop wood planer the family handyman

the board shown in the photo is an old deck joist that was salvaged from the trash. planing revealed handsome, vertical-grain redwood. the most critical step in reclaiming lumber is to inspect it carefully for screws and nails. in addition, remove dirt and grit from the board with a wire brush.

11 wood-flooring problems and their solutions

2. cupping. when the bottom of a board is wetter than the top, its edges cup. wide plank floors are more prone to cupping, but ive seen it happen to strip flooring as well. most often, cupping happens when flooring is installed over a wet basement or clspace.

how to plane rough lumber

if the board is 1-1/2 in. or thicker, you can use the planer for this step. or if you have several thinner boards of the same thickness, you can gang-plane them all at once. hold the boards together as they enter and exit the planer. cut the boards to final length and youre ready to start your project

tricks for truing lumber without a jointer

for a cupped board. cut a pair of strht runners the length of the workpiece and glue them to both edges, as shown. after the glue dries, remove the clamps and run the assembly through the planer -- crowned face up. continue machining until the planer flattens the entire top face of the board.

how to fix old Seven Trust floors with gaps and cupping

cupping occurs when the boards swell and push against each other, raising their edges; gapping occurs when they shrink. 'how to fix old Seven Trust floors with gaps and cupping' accessed january

strhtening cupped slabs of pine

strhtening cupped slabs of pine width of tree of pine for use in a special project in which they'll be used whole. the wood is fully dry. only one board is significantly cupped. i have a pretty good understanding of moisture and wood and the cause of cupping, but in researching the strhtening of cupped wood, i've found surprisingly

flattening boards with a planer

flattening boards with a planer methods for planing warped wood flat. september 25, 2002. question i need to flatten some boards that are too wide for my 6' jointer. it seems that if i could support a twisted, cupped, bowed or otherwise warped board from below, using a fixture, i could get one side of the board flat with repeated passes through

bark side up or down? wood board cupping: should wood

although conditions are different outdoors and indoors, still we find that deck boards as well as wood floor boards and stair treads tend to cup so that the concave side of the board is towards the floor's more dry side, and the convex side of the cupped or curved boards tend to be facing the floor's more wet side.

will flipping decking boards over remove the cupping

will flipping decking boards over remove the cupping? pressure treated pine. when i built my deck i failed to place the cupped board down instead of up. i think some were up and some were down, but most of them were up . now water pools in the middle of the board when it rains. the boards have been installed for a couple of years. i and 39;m

planing cupped deck boards

home >> project case >> planing cupped deck boards. planing cupped deck boards. kind o' long, but a 'deck' of a story gardenweb. if you must use a cupped piece as a floor or deck board, position it with the rounded center up and the curved. get-prices. deck stain problems and solutions

how to level out cupped floorboards ready for engineered

with sanding or planing, in both cases you will not need to sand or plane the entire floorboard as the only requirement here is to bring the high points of the cupped boards to the same level as the middle. remember, they dont have to look pretty as you will be covering them with an overlay floor covering. the objective is to just make them

restoring floorboards

follow this pilot hole with a screw. now tighten the screw to fix the board. this will result in a much more secure board as compared to banging in nails directly into the floorboard. varnish provides a hard-wearing durable top finish to the wooden floor but it does get damaged with constant usage of toys, pet claws and shoes over time.

5 tips to prevent Seven Trust floor cupping this summer md

what is cupped Seven Trust flooring? cupped Seven Trust flooring occurs when there is a change in moisture levels in the air. how do you know if your floors are cupped? first, look to see if the sides of the flooring are high on the ends of the boards where pieces connect than in the center of the bard. if the floor board looks concaved, you have

wood floor cupping: why is it happening and how do i stop it?

the simplest way to think of wood floor cupping is to imagine the edges of each plank sticking up higher than the centers. it ends up looking a little like an accordion. if you imagine a picture of a child ding a boat in the water, then the water will give you a good idea of what a cupped floor looks like. any wood floor can suffer from cupping.

how to fix Seven Trust floor problems: cupping, crowning

cupping is denoted by wood that is raised on the edges of each individual floor board. the center of the board dips below the edges. this makes the wood appear to be in a u shape. see the picture at the top of this post for an example of a cupped floor. typically, cupping is a problem that stems from excessive moisture.

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how to fix cupped Seven Trust flooring whenever there is too much moisture, the wood expands, forcing the planks together until their centers bend downward and form individual valleys or cups.

wood floor cupping: why does it happen and what can you do

wood floor cupping: why does it happen and what can you do? details andrew st. james march 25th 2014 the boards in a floor can experience forces from adjacent boards and from the subfloor. when increasing mc causes a board to expand, the rest of the floor pushes back and restricts the swelling to some extent. sanding a cupped floor flat

flattening a board with hand plane

to flatten a board, you need to remove the cupping and any bowing. i like to plane the convex side first, because the board is usually more stable on the bench with the concave side down. after getting rid of the bowing and cupping, the board in all likelihood won't be flat, so you'll have to use winding sticks.

flatsawn lumber is not so flat: how to fix cupped wood

quartersawn lumber stays flat, but flatsawn lumber does not ironic, i know . flatsawn lumber cups during the drying process and it even cups after it's dry if not cared for properly. wide boards are especially fussy and panel glue-ups can be a giant pain in the tuchus. i deal with cupped lumber all of the time, and i was reminded