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just that really . it's very unlikely to need planning permission, but there are some unusual circumstances where it is required. here's a useful checklist. if you're still concerned, check with your local development control team.

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in terms of the height of your pergola, the further away from the boundary the better: within 2m of the boundary the max. height must be no greater than 2.5m (8' 2") further away from the boundary it can be 3m (9' 10"). uk planning regulations. these regulations have been taken from:

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building regulation is based on building size and use, so for most small garden buildings, you do not need a building to match building regulations. please read on for more information. the information is preliminary advice and is our interpretation of publicly available information.

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it was designed to provide a tranquil canopy to a luxury garden swimming pool. but instead a wooden pergola has led to a bitter dispute between neighbours which has led to a fierce planning row.

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legal height for pergola post by hopefulfencer wed feb 01, 2017 7:40 pm hi all - i'm sure this has been asked a zillion times (in which case, sorry!), but we want to build a single pergola at the end of our garden to screen out the view of a residents parking area at the back and want to check the maximum height allowed.

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