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goats are escape artists. they can jump 4 foot fences when they are little, without a problem. they can squeeze their heads out of small holes in the fence, then can't get them out, especially if they have horns. they will cl under a fence if they can get their head under it.

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fencing for goats is an unwelcome expense that every goat raiser must bear. like so many others, i was unwilling to spend much money on fencing when we started raising goats. we put up 33 foot x 100 foot pens out of four foot welded wire on steel posts that were about 12 foot apart. it lasted one year.

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for goats, it is best to use fence that has 3 ½ line spacing and is at least 40 high. depending on the personality and breed of your animals, you may need netting that is 48 high. 4x4 woven wire- our sheep and goat fence wh4x4 is ideal for containing your herd safely and economically. this woven wire is durable and safe.

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ive found that, above all other aspects of goat care, the fence deserves the most attention. danelle knows what im talking about, as i just read about her great goat escape. fence posts. since goats tend to rub on walls and fences, they have to be extremely sturdy. when you put in fencing, use eight foot wooden or metal posts.

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before setting up a goat fence consider: the type of fence you want to install. the characteristic behavior of the animal. your decision on whether to keep your animals in and lockout predators. goat fence requires close spacing and should be high enough to guard against jumping goats. aluminum or steel are the best options for setting up this fence.

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even a goat with average intellect learns how to use them like the claw of a hammer to uproot poorly set t-posts, or pull up wire fence that hasn't been placed snug to the ground or stretched tight. goats also will learn they're poor conductors of electricity, and will use the tips to pull electric wire out of the way.

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i had to tear down some old fencing and put up some new 48' field wire fence. the goats figured out how to jump over the 32' so i wanted to redo it with taller fencing. i also show the update on

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this goat fence or pen is for a goat exhibit, but the colorful idea can be used to create a fun and lively goat pen wherever you want to keep your goats. primary colors and variations blend well in nature and create a fun habitat for your goats.

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the best options for goat fencing. choose wire that your goats cant get their heads stuck through- especially those with horns. you may need a combination of wire and electric to keep some goats contained. on our farm we use a combination of 4-strand electric wire and woven goat fencing.

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they will, though, test the fence, scratching against it to relieve the itching caused by lice common in all goats, rochester says. and because bucks - male goats - can weight as much as 400 pounds, they can do heavy damage to a fence. rochester also keeps special pens for kids, corralling young goats with portable, tubular fence panels.

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our pallet fence for our goats. in conclusion, these four options: panels, woven wire, electric fence, and pallets may just be the perfect solution for you and your goats follow this pinterest board for more great ideas on goat fencing.

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as a remedy, many goat dairy operations use high-tensile wire in combination with electric fencing to keep their goats safe. pros and cons of an electric fence pros: easy setup, affordable, and easy to move if you want to try a rotational grazing method or brush control in different areas.