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unlevel ground. the danger ladders and uneven ground don't mix. few, if any, job sites are perfectly level. to save time, operators often improvise leveling methods like bricks, boards, or rocks that are unstable and unsafe. on an ordinary 28-foot ladder, 1-inch out of level at the base puts you 19 inches off center at the top, putting the

outdoor wedding - dance floor a must? weddings, do it

this is a question for those of you who have had an outdoor diy wedding that did not rent a dance floor. we are having our wedding a relative's home who does not want us to have a dance floor but i am not comfortable having our guests dance on the grass for fear of people not dancing, etc. was it is disaster not having a dance floor?

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the smartest extension ladders on the market. adjustable legs neutralize uneven ground on any job site. dual-action feet provide a stable foundation on both hard and penetrable surfaces. equalizer leveling ladder features. leveler. convenient built-in bubble level. end caps.

can i make my own dance floor? do this sound as crazy as i

can i make my own dance floor? do this sound as crazy as i think it does? end up with an uneven dance floor, and have a guest fall and break a hip. if you do do this and then take the flooring home & put it outside, make sure you put it on a frame because plywood that can be in contact with the ground (like just putting it on grass

build a dance floor on grass - outside the box wedding

if you build a dance floor on grass over uneven ground or want it to be a permanent installation then, it’s another type of construction than what is discussed here. i suggest using the same materials and plans you would use to build an outdoor deck. this will prevent moisture from weakening it and preserve it from ravages of time.

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read page 3 of the bastide - the review (very long) discussion from the chowhound restaurants, los angeles food community. join the discussion today. best & worst lgbtq-minded food brands to work for in 2019. not a drill: the cult annual all-clad cookware sale has begun newsletter shop site feedback faq.

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possessed of a certain mental imbalance and with an odious habit of devouring his followers to gain strength, this barmy vrock was rumored to be capable of causing others of his flock to behave erratically -- much more so than for a normal tan'nari. he convinced many of his flock to tear off their wings and take up burrowing in the ground.

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during a rehearsal for their wedding in a small chapel in el paso, texas, bill - who in the meantime found out that beatrix, with whom he was romantically involved and in love, was alive - showed

outdoor wedding necessities: how to have an outdoor wedding

and don't forget to weatherproof it. for a summer wedding, bring in fans and portable air conditioning units, and keep guests warm in chillier months with tall patio or propane heathers. you may also want to add floor surfaces (to correct uneven ground) and wall panels (to protect against wind or rain).

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one of the workers at the house with the frozen ground said they weren't sure how to measure 2 inches from the uneven ground or what to do with the snow on top of it. that is outside the 12

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after the scene, that priest guy from the wedding is your new target. beat him up (i kept rocket punching him :p), and when he's dead generic zombo's will spawn, defeating them will trigger 2 clowns and 2 fire zombo's, defeating them will end the burning sensations fight. now proceed to the new hole in the ground where the shop was.

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diy dance floors are versatile, but they aren't all versatile enough to be used on grass. grass poses a number of different challenges. first of all, you'll need an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground that can withstand moisture without being damaged. secondly, outdoor use means that you'll need a floor that can withstand uv rays.

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q: what's the safest way to prop up the feet of an extension ladder on uneven ground? a: there is no truly safe way to do this. the best solution is to use a product like little giant ladders with

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(cbs san francisco) — the oakland raiders (6-5) remain one win out of the afc west lead and in the thick of the afc wildcard race. but their situation has changed, a lot.

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some ladders come with leg extensions that help offset uneven ground situations. extension ladders have two legs on the ground, and a-frame ladders have four legs on the ground. most ladder-involved accidents can be avoided by making every effort to level the ladder legs.