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there are plenty of pergola end cut or rafter tails designs and ideas are available, end cut design and style can really increase the beauty of your patio or attached pergola gazebos. have a look some pergola end cut or rafter tails designs and ideas below. below are some practically existing

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what others are saying gable roof gazebo building plans perfect for spas do pergolas provide shade easy to build gazebo plans. gazebo dimensions are 12ft long x 10ft wide at the base, the roof has a 12 overhang all the way around so the overall roof size is 14 x 12, the legs are 8 tall and the roof peak is 10-8.

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a designer specializing in victorian work adds elements to the exterior; and a verge board is cut and installed on a gable end. also: a walk through lucy the elephant, a tourist exhibit on the new

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gable pergolas can mirror the roofline of your home and blend into its architectural style. you can also amend the end types on a gable pergola to give it hip and bay ends to further customise its design. gable pergolas can be lined with timber or materials that emulate ceilings, they can also have decorative additions to them such as false

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what is a gabled pergola? a gable is the triangular space at the end of a roof consisting of two sloping roof halves (see the picture for a more obvious explanation). on a house, these are typically load bearing structures but as pergolas are generally much lighter and don’t have load bearing walls to support, the gable is largely decorative.

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gable designs are available in a broad range of roof pitches to enhance your current home and character. we offer dutch gable ends, hipped ends, gazebo ends as well as the standard pitched gable end. all gables have the option of a full/partial polycarbonate or full coloured roof.