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treated pine paling fencing sydney - 1.8m 3 rail treated pine paling fence standard post per metre. as treated pine fencing specialists we keep your fencing costs low while supplying high quality timber for fencing. fast delivery of treated pine fencing.

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i want a boring, overlapping 1.8m paling fence erected at our old place we are selling. quoted $92 per linear metre, incl. gst. is that an ok price? when next door sold we went halves, his cousin did it, his second fence as i found out later, looks ok, but not a great job if you check it. that was $2400 for 46 metres.

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here are some of average fence prices. 1.8m high fence. prices stated here do not include demolition and removal of your old fences. as well they don’t include the price of clearing the fence alignment. a standard paling fence could cost around $67 per lineal metre to supply and erect.

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obviously, this is the major factor when getting a price for a back yard fence. the longer the fence, the more it will cost due to using more fencing materials. that’s why the best fencing contractors will always give you a price per metre for a paling fence. the height of the fence is a factor as well.

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paling fence 1900mm high with capping and exposed posts. square top picket fence 1900mm high (gaps 20mm) - with capping and exposed 125x125mm posts . windsor picket fence 1900mm high (gaps 20mm) on exposed turned posts. brush fence 2 metres high basic (concealed posts, no capping)