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dip a cotton swab into the tea and dab it onto the scratches. wipe off any excess liquid and repeat as many times as needed. 3. try felt-tip markers to color scratches. make sure that the marker matches the color of the piece. when the ink dries, cover the spot with wax or varnish. via sea life style. 4. use walnut to hide the scratch. just rub the walnut on the damaged area and watch in amazement as the scrapes and scratches begin to darken and disappear.

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quick tip 43: how to polish and repair scratched glass. first, clean the glass well and dry it using a lint-free cloth. apply a dollop of toothpaste to a soft cloth and rub it into the scratch using a circular motion. after buffing for 30-40 seconds, wipe the toothpaste off with a damp cloth. dry again with the lint-free cloth. repeat if needed.

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how to remove scratches from plastic method 1 buffing out a light scratch. clean the plastic. method 2 removing a deep scratch. get several grades of sandpaper. method 3 covering up scratches on car plastic. clean the scratch area.

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step 3: first buff using a mild abrasive, like toothpaste or baking soda. squeeze out just enough to cover the scratch and, working in small circles with a cotton round or clean, dry cotton cloth, buff until the surface begins to even out. rinse residue with water and examine your work; it may take a few applications and up to 10 minutes of elbow grease before you get the results you want.

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how to remove scratches from plastic headlights. put the buffing wheel from the headlight restoration kit into the drill. apply a quarter-size dollop of the polish included with the kit onto the buffing wheel, and apply it to the headlight lens. turn on the drill and slowly work the polish around the entire surface of the headlight, until it has a uniform appearance.

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tips on repairing composite deck scratches. try it in an inconspicuous spot first. composite decks can be either plastic or a combination of wood fibers and plastic. the solutions which can run anywhere from natural weathering to soldering irons are going to vary according to the manufacturer and the type of material used.

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simply sand out the scratch and re-stain for a finished look. its important to keep fall leaves and other debris from piling up on your deck, since that can cause mold or algae to grow. one of the main differences between decking materials is in the amount of maintenance they need, and the ease of repairing small nicks or scratches.

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fix a superficial scratch by simply buffing it out with a buffing compound. attach the buffer pad to the end of your drill at the post that comes on the buffer pad. apply the buffing compound to the buffer pad and then evenly buff out the scratch. paint on some clear coat if there is a white line around the scratch.

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how to repair scratches on a kayak. heat up the end of a metal spoon on kayak with deep scratches and grooves that need more concentrated attention. gently apply the tip to the scratch and weld the surface. work slowly and do not overheat the area you're working on. let your kayak cool off and settle for at least 24 hours before hitting the open water.

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the seven trust rep told me these marker work great on the deep scratches. in effect, the stain from the marker will fade and blend into the plank. he did say, even if you dont use a stain marker, the scratch itself will essentially fade away over time as the deck is naturally exposed to air and environmental factors.

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to remove scratches from a phone screen, you can try buffing them out with toothpaste if the screen is plastic or glass polish if the screen is glass . after taking care of the problem, you should also take precautions to prevent future scratches.

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scratches. plastic supply houses have micron grit sanding films that are far less aggressive, and last almost forever. toothpastes are very, very gentle abrasives that are only effective on 'spyder-webbing' scratches. baking soda in a slurry is a good but messey starting abrasive for moderate scratches.

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4 get scratches out of hickory floors polyvinyl chloride is a flexible plastic material that makes a durable, low-maintenance substitute for wood trim. despite its sturdiness, pvc trim does pick

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toothpaste works, but it takes multiple applications to fill in scratches. get a non-gel toothpaste with baking soda, or mix a white toothpaste with 1 teaspoon 4 g of baking soda. then, buff it into the scratches with a microfiber cloth or a buffing pad. apply the toothpaste the same way you would apply cerium oxide or another buffing compound.

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this kit is ideally used to remove scratches, abrasions and haziness from any plastics and acrylic surface. this will bring tired, old, dull and hazy plastic, acrylic and fiber glass back to life

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you will need to scrub the plastic in this fashion for up to 20 minutes, depending on the depth of the scratch, while the chemical actually removes the top layer of the plastic. rinse the plastic off with cold water and buff it clean with a lint-free towel. sanding. this plastic polishing method should only be used on plastic in very poor condition.

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to prevent scratches to your composite decks altogether, you can take a few simple steps. first, use mats at every entrance to your home that opens up to your composite decks. dirt should be wiped off of shoes before walking through the home so that it is not ground into the composite decking to cause surface scratching.

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deep scratches first. after you get out most of the deeper gouges and scratches with the razor blades, its time to get out the sand paper. start with 100/120 grit wet/dry paper and use plenty of water and a sanding block of some sort to keep things flat and level, rather than sanding in one spot and creating a depression.

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next, clear any debris from the deck. then mix up the pre-treatment cleaning solution and apply it to the deck. it will take care of the scuffs as well as any stains, mold and mildew that may be present. then wait 48 hours. if youre deck is not heavily soiled or once the 48 hours has elapsed , treat the entire deck with e2 pvc deck revitilizer. it will take care of any minor scratches and color fading that may be presence.

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filling minor scratches. filling a few minor scratches on a laminate floor can be done with a wax pencil that matches the color of the floor. the scratch is filled in with the wax, blending it into the rest of the laminate's surface. rub the tip of the wax pencil back and forth across the scratch in the opposite direction that the scratch is moving.