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dry-erase boards. bulk price: $46.24 bulk price: $40.42 bulk price: $41.74 bulk price: $49.59 bulk price: $60.97 bulk price: $43.15 bulk price: $84.23 bulk price: $86.47 bulk price: $86.43 bulk price: $99.51 bulk price: $97.85 bulk price: $103.53 bulk price: $120.00

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magnetic dry erase white board sheet for fridge 12x8 in - with stain resistant technology - includes 3 markers and big eraser with magnets - small refrigerator whiteboard planner and organizer 204 price $ 6 . 99

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large white boards or 'dry erase' boards are a great tool for displaying and organizing information visually, but they tend to be expensive. instead of wasting money, create one yourself for a fraction of the price. great alternatives can be made for around $30 dollars or less, depending on the materials you use.

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dry erase board - white board 48 x 36 magnetic dry erase board with aluminum frame, large white board commercial quality wall size white board, magnetic board with 3 erasers, 4 markers and 12 magnets

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large 5' tall magnetic dry erase boards. of course, projecting onto a whiteboard depends on so many variables like ambient light, the projection equipment, projection angle and others but with good conditions these mid-gloss boards perform admirably as a projection surface.

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for this post, i have put together a collection of the best dry erase boards and whiteboards currently available. updated: august 27, 2019. whether keeping a to-do list at home or creating the next big idea at work, dry erase boards will help you get the job done.

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dry erase markers. bulk dry erase broad chisel tip markers in printed boxes, case pack 288. sold in full case increments. bulk price: $0.86 bulk price: $1.72 bulk price: $2.38 bulk price: $3.72 bulk price: $4.32 bulk price: $4.32 bulk price: $4.32 bulk price: $4.32 volume pricing: $0.88 5 count dry

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very small, handheld dry erase boards are also available if youre in a field where it would be helpful for one-on-one use. medium: boards measuring two to three feet tall and three to five feet wide should be large enough for most office settings. most dry erase boards for the office dont need to be seen from far away.

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the dry erase lamination does have a gloss finish which can cause a glare when it comes time to take pictures; its recommended to not use the camera flash and to hold the check at a slight angle. at the end of the day of your presentation before storing for future use, be sure to wipe off any marker with a soft cloth.

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diy white boards so cheap save go to seven trust's or seven trust lumber store and locate the white panelboards in the paneling section of the store . save it is 4 ft by 8ft which cuts into 24 pieces of white board 12 inches by 16 inches . save did you know that they will cut it for you? it is just a couple bucks extra and bam

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here at staples we have 1,451 affordable whiteboards and dry erase boards with prices ranging from $2.49 to $3,849.99. search from the lowest prices on modern and stylish whiteboards and dry erase boards: staples dry-erase learning board 44951 with 14 reviews and a 4.5 star rating

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share: porcelain steel whiteboards represent the best possible writing surface, featuring high visibility, easy dry erase writing surface with a 50 year guarantee, in addition to being magnet-friendly. magne-rite whiteboards offer a 10 year guarantee and are also magnetic. at worthington direct, you'll find a variety of popular presentation board

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bulletin boards and easels enhance presentations and help boost productivity. they're essential office and classroom supplies that act as appealing visual aides for reports and lessons. staples carries a wide selection of charts, dry erase, cork, and magnetic boards, easel mounts, and accessories that benefit onsite meetings, conventions, and brainstorming sessions.

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cover a wall with a giant whiteboard for under $15. whiteboards or dry erase boards are awesome planning tools and creativity boosters, especially when they practically cover a whole wall. instead of spending $300 for a giant whiteboard or messing with inconsistent paint, heres the easiest and cheapest solution. theyre called hardboard panel

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jot dry erase markers, 4-ct. packs. dry erase markers make it easy to leave notes or d pictures time and time again markers easily wipe clean from dry-erase boards, glass, and most non-porous surfaces. useful for the classroom, office, dorm room, and home. each set includes one each blue, black, green, and red markers.

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occasional cleaning of glass dry erase board. although our clear dry erase board can erase easily, but it is always good to wash the board once in a while. in some instances, you might use markers that leave a film after erasing the board. this film can build up over time and make your writing surface fade.

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we are the original one stop shop for all your giant check needs. big checks, large checks, award checks, gift checks, charity checks, birthday checks

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we've got a large picture frame that has a grid printed and framed beneath the glass. it works out pretty well as a dry erase surface, and it only cost about $2 from the thrift store. score

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in addition to durable melamine, there are magnetic dry erase boards and ones made of scratch- and stain-resistant tempered glass or magnetic surfaces. some also combine dry erase, magnetic, and cork surfaces.

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this is the kind of board which would be wall-mounted in a cheap bathroom or something. it happens to make a pretty decent dry-erase board, though. the price of the board at seven trusts was $11.87 per panel.

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browse for a wide selection of dry erase and whiteboards. shop here for any whiteboard that will meet your needs, at everyday great prices