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how much does a boathouse cost?

for a single boat slip boathouse with a shingled hip roof, the cost will range from $15-20k depending on how much deck you add and boat lift. for a boathouse with two slips and a decent size deck down the middle, the range will be $30-40k. again, it depends a lot on what you choose for options.

how to: houseboat roof repair houseboat magazine

check the deck. along with the preventative maintenance, giving the houseboat the 'once-over' is a great tip for catching repairs early on. houseboat roofs are built with a slight slope to help water run off. pooling water is a tell-tale sign of necessary repair.

j's upper decks

7 boat capacity: with an additional 8 to 16 feet of boat, j's upper decks give you more room for yourself and your gear. 6 lightweight: 5 years r and d to achieve maximum strength with least actual weight. depending on length, j's complete upper deck structures weigh 240 - 440 lbs.

houseboat roof construction

the reason i ask, i have a 1982 kayot houseboat and i need to replace the roof as it is sagging in several spots. i have already replaced the decking material on the front deck and i am wondering if the roof is constructed with the same galvanized studs or if it is constructed with wood studs.

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an entire roof of 3/4 inch plywood and water proof membrane can add significant weight just where you don`t want it , and affect stability. there is no real easy fix to this. if it were my boat i would first try and determine how much of the roof is soft , and if it`s not too wide spread i would replace that section.

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houseboat waterproofing and roof repairs this page outlines basic processes to repair and re-coat a houseboat roof or other fiberglass type rooftop which may be used as a walking surface. we welcome your ideas and solutions too. also see our roof repair and deck coatings pages. we also feature aes-450 polyamidoamine epoxy marine grade coating.

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with the roof structure completed, we install the beams needed to support the boat-lift system. those are sized based on the specs of the lift. for the roof decking, we like to use 58-inch t1-11 plywood with 4-inch-on-center groove spacing, with the grooved side facing down.

how to install fiberglass roof on houseboats

how to install fiberglass roof on houseboats. houseboat roof - boat design forums. houseboat roof. i am building a 34 which may answer your need for a watertight loadbearing roof that is simple to install.

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boat houses. boat houses are the perfect compliment to a beautiful home. creative deck and dock will meet with you to design and build your dream boat house down to the last detail. boat houses can be tailored to match the color and details of your home. boat houses can be used for covering boats and jet skis, as well as providing sun and

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this is video 1 of 5 on how to install a grp fibreglass flat roof from start to finish. this video deals with the basic construction of the timber decking, common choices and how and where you can

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bsi-051: decksroofs you can walk on. joseph lstiburek. july 13, 2011. decks are disarmingly simple. the ones we are going to deal with have conditioned space under them. they are nothing more than roofs that you walk on. but we tend to mess them up royally. perhaps it is because we forget that they really are roofs and have to follow all the

fix leaks and leaking houseboat roofs

3 fiberglassing and sealing of the new roof surface. 4 painting and finishing of the new roof surface. that is one method to repair houseboat roofs. i have had another opportunity to help a neighbor repair his houseboat roof that had simply reached about 20 years of age, and the structure was not severely damaged.

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wahoo docks is the largest builder of residential boat docks in north america, represented by a network of dock dealers that embody the most talented dock professionals in the industry. our products are engineered for ease of installation, flexibility in design options, and resistance to natural elements.

deck over flat roof on house boat: penetrations needed

re: deck over flat roof on house boat: penetrations needed. and, this all assumes that a house boat structure, probably built about like an 8x18 house trailer, can take the second story loads, both vertical and lateral, at four concentrated locations.