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start by determining where you'll attach your new steps, and mark the location where you'll install your stair risers also known as stair stringers . make sure you leave at least 36 inches between stringers to allow for enough stair width. next, measure the distance from the ground to the top of your deck, known as the vertical drop.

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attach the stringers to the deck and footer. set the stringers in place by resting the bottom ends on the concrete pad and the other against the face of the deck. use a level and plumb to check the placement of the stringers. attach the stringers to the deck using angle brackets and 3 galvanized deck screws.

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build out the treads. if your tread doesnt have an overhang of at least 1 inch, add one with a 2x2 pressure-treated pine baluster. measure the width of the tread and cut the piece to fit with a circular saw. evenly space pilot holes along the front edge of the baluster for 2-inch deck screws.

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hold the square in place with one hand, and position the stringer so it is square, or exactly perpendicular, with the face of the rim joist. mark the deck or stoop below along the lower edge of the stringer. repeat this step, and align the remaining stringers square with the rim joist and mark the lower edges of each.

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use the stair calculator on to determine the number of stairs and the rise and run of each individual step. watch as professional deck builders layout, cut, and attach stair stringers .

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attaching steps to your deck brings up the old rule of thumb, measure twice, cut once. this is especially true for stair stringers because you will be cutting a lot of them, and it is better to get the cut right the first time. you will use only basic tools and joist hangers to get this job done

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extended backer board and strapping. install blocking between internal stringers and use option metal strapping if you are wish. this side profile view provides another way to see what is going on. to attach notched stringers to a deck requires attaching some kind of backer board to the rim joist, increasing the width of the rim joist so the stringer has more material to contact.

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install the stair stringers. with the help of at least 1 other person, place the stringer against the line on the wall. place a level on the stringer where the thread will be attached.

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once the paver is level in all directions it is time to determine the pier length. this deck is attached to a retaining wall and a ledger board is the basis for the level. position the pier and strike a line on the pier level with the top of the ledger. use a radial, or chop saw to cut the piers to length.