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one of the easiest ways to put in a patio is to lay bricks on sand. the spaces between the bricks are filled with sand, and can even be planted with moss for a more rustic appeal. using your own muscle to dig out the patio base saves money over hiring a contractor. using materials that are

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the patio area to be covered is fairly large, 24x12, so spanning it became the major obstacle. the two choices were to run 12 beams and then get 24 engineered trusses to cover the span, or run 24 beams and run 12 2x8s to span the 10 gap.

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if you make a simple frame just a little big bigger than the mattress youre planning to use, you can then make a lovely swing bed for the patio or for the garden. use rope and hooks to suspend it and dont forget the cushions and the blanket. found on themerrythought .

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build a trellis. bringing lush greenery to a space-starved backyard is as easy as building and staining this diy trellis, then planting some climbing vines. this bit of garden ingenuity allows plants to grow up instead of out, allowing you to conserve valuable outdoor space but still enjoy a verdant retreat.

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how to build a cheap deck sapling.com. inexpensive patio ideas simple deck ideas backyard deck ideas on a budget budget patio pergola ideas diy deck diy patio pergola swing cheap pergola. post with 1 votes and 5314 views. shared by vonsnuggles. i built a ground-level deck in my back yard.

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ask any gardener and they'll tell you making more of a patio isn't as touch as it might seem, as simple approaches can be best and will still have a big impact on how usable and stylish the space is. never forget that your patio is an extension of your garden design so, if you've nurtured your leafy friends, it's about time you turned your

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its one of the wood projects designed for easy assembly, so that a novice can build them. and you can build them from inexpensive, durable wood that, once stained, looks beautiful. learn how to make an adirondack chair and love seat.

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pergola with aluminum roof. a cheap solution for you who want to cover the roof panel of your pergola. here, the aluminum sheet completes the pergola to provide lots of shade over the patio. to make it look more beautiful, you can choose the colored aluminum sheet which matches the pergolaa s look.

how to build a cheap, easy patio garden guides

how to build a cheap, easy patio. pour in a layer of gravel, one inch thick. use the screed to level it. the gravel will help with drainage. pour sand over the gravel. the sand should come high enough so that the bricks will rest even with the top of your pit. most common bricks are four inches high. lay the sand in layers, leveling and compacting with the screed as you go.