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the right front garden fencing protects plants while

why use fencing for the front garden. putting a fence around the front garden is more or less a subjective call, though in my mind you really cant go wrong if you choose a fence that complements your home. if youre looking for any of the benefits below, you might want to seriously consider adding a fence.

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you have given me some new ideas, never thought of metal fences before and they certainly look stunning in a contemporary setting. but for me it is the low fence in my small cottage style front garden with its low picket fence that gives me a problem.

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house fence designs for front, rear and garden areas 'the existence of a house fence will not only reinforce the area and area of the house, but also can create a sense of security and privacy.' 0. 176. facebook. twitter. pinterest. whatsapp. linkedin.

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legal height for fence front garden. hi, i share a part wall with my neighbour and today out of the blue there is a fence erected on top of the wall which measures approx 1.95m from my side and from his side is 2.17m. road is on a bit of a slope and all the garden on the street are fairly open with some that have hedges but they are quite short

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my end of the cul-de-sac is round, with all front gardens 'fanning' off it. so my front garden dividing fence like all others faces perpendicularly into the centre of the road's round end like the petals of a sunflower point toward the round centre, for example . the deeds show this design too.

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explore some inspirational ides for your front garden. a front garden is not always the easiest element of a house to transform and the upkeep is not always simple either, even though this is the part of the property most passerby's will admire.

should i add a fence to the front of my property?

the different types of fence you could choose from. a shorter fence is the best bet for your front garden. a three-feet lap fence panel from avon may be the ideal choice. dip-treated for protection against the elements, the height means you can still easily see over it, but your garden boundary will be clear to those walking past.

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small garden design, creative yard landscaping ideas. green living fence is the perfect solution for adding greenery to your backyards, decks, and front yards. attractive plants make walls look beautiful giving a charming look to facades, adding both privacy and greenery to outdoor living spaces.