landscape edging against sidewalk

how to neatly edge a sidewalk garden guides

if you have a sidewalk or driveway in your yard, edging is one of last steps that you perform when cutting the grass. edging is the process of creating a neat cut line along the edge of the lawn, which prevents the grass from growing over onto the sidewalk. edging, typically completed using an electric or gas-powered

lawn help : how to edge along a sidewalk

to edge along a sidewalk, first make sure you have eye protection and earplugs, then start slowly and take your time to create a clear, clean line between sidewalk and lawn. make your lawn and

trimming and edging the right way

as with any other aspect of lawn maintenance, a high-quality finished product depends on doing the job the right way. you absolutely have to train employees when it comes to trimming and edging. not just anyone can go out there and do it, says john shackleford, owner of shackleford lawn and landscape, outside of indianapolis, ind. they

how to do sidewalk edging home guides sf gate

lay your first paver into position so one side is against the sidewalk, leaving about 1/2 inch of empty space on the outside of the trench. sprinkling water over the new paver edging with a

path and walkway landscaping ideas better homes and gardens

mulch as edging provides the garden beds with a tidy appearance. a bench offers garden visitors a stopping point. plants supply a mix of textures and varying shades of green. slight bends in the path add visual interest, but are gentle enough that they don't make mowing a challenge. path and walkway landscaping ideas.

how to edge along the sidewalk home guides sf gate

a crisp line along the sidewalk's edge gives your entire lawn the sharp, finished look usually provided by a professional gardening service. use either a manual or powered rotary lawn edger before

paver edging spikes edgetite fasteners

welcome to edgetite paver edging spikes. the idea of edgetite paver edging spikes came during one project when jeff goodman began to wonder how to keep edging tighter to a paver installation. if there was some way to tilt the paver edging spike inward toward the brick field, it would add strength and the static pressure would hold the edging to

need help/ideas for edging or border of beds next to concrete

need help/ideas for edging or border of beds next to concrete. smlechten. but didn't see anything that actually matched my situation. i have several flower beds ornamental/perenial that sit against a concrete walkway, driveway and curb. the lawn edging also stops lawn grass growing into the flower bed which saves you time doing

landscape edging and mow strips

brick or pavers used as edging are an effective way of keeping lawn from spreading into landscaped beds. a concrete edge can be stamped, colored, or have exposed aggregate to match the rest of your landscape. this simple block edge allows any alignment from sweeps to very tight radii curves. here