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removing existing fencing and hauling it away can cost between $2-$5 per linear foot. for an existing 209-foot fence, the cost would be $418-$1045 for removal and disposal. steel and aluminium fences can be used for swimming pools .

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installing a wooden fence costs most homeowners an average of $1,700-$4,000, or $10 to $20 per foot. wood is one of the most common products for this project and it can last a long time you treat it correctly. the products usually consist of pine, redwood, cedar, or other species that are resilient when wet. though it usually has a natural look, it is both stainable and paintable.

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the least expensive fencing costs about $22 per linear foot installed while the most expensive aluminum fence costs approximately $32 per linear foot. these prices are just a few dollars less than wrought iron.

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as one might suspect, prices vary depending on numerous factors, but the average cost of this type of fence is $7-$12 per linear foot. this cost is based on an average fence height of four feet. this cost is based on an average fence height of four feet.

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horizontal fencing is very popular and comes with a higher price tag due to the extra time and labor it takes to install, while vertical wood fencing may take less time to install and have a lower overall price. vinyl fencing. $40.00 - $65.00 per linear foot not all vinyl fencing is created equal. be sure to ask for the manufacture of the

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the price per ft. includes: all line posts 2' od x 10-1/2ft with hardware every 10 feet, all top rail 1-5/8' , all mesh 2' x 9 gauge . corner, end, gate posts and gates not included. $12.99 12 ft galvanized commercial system complete package.

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a wood ornamental fence costs roughly $10 to $20 per linear foot installed. installing a vinyl ornamental fence costs approximately $20 to $30 per linear foot. don't forget to add on the cost of a gate, which, depending on the type of fencing and the size of the gate could cost anywhere from around $200 to $2,000 dollars or more.

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farm and ranch fencing costs $13 to $27 per linear foot for wood and vinyl, $8 to $10 per foot for pipe, and as little as $2 per linear foot for wire fencing including all materials and professional installation. horse fencing is perfect for containing cattle and other livestock at a very reasonable cost, little upkeep, and can last 20 years or more.

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fencing is priced per metre and the final cost of your project will depend on a number of factors, such as the material of the fence, painting your fence the size of your project and if your existing fence needs to be removed. as a guideline, fencing can cost $75 - $1200 per metre depending on the materials you choose.

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the cost of exterior wood stain sealant can range from $100-$200 per 640 oz 5 gallons . 5 to 10 gallons will be needed for ¼ acre of fencing. fence post caps and toppers cost between $5-$50 each depending on the material used such as vinyl 10 , wood or metal.

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linear feet of split rail fence installed obviously, if you have 100 feet of area to fence in, it will cost less than 200 feet. the overall length of the fence is the largest cost factor. number of rails per section the number of horizontal rails between your posts will increase material costs for your project. as a preference, 3-rail

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in terms of cost, a wood split rail fence is quite affordable, even when high-quality cedar is used. depending on the type of wood and the length of the rails, your installed price will be $12-$16 per linear foot from a professional or $8-$12 per foot if you install it yourself.