level a deck on uneven concrete

how to build a deck on uneven concrete : homeimprovement

how to build a deck on uneven concrete. i have a huge concrete slab that gradually slants downward as it gets farther from my house. i assume it was built this way so water would run away from the house. this will keep the wood from sitting on the concrete and give you the adjustability to level the deck. level 1. socsa.

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how to level uneven concrete floors hunker

leveling uneven concrete floors is important for both safety and aesthetic reasons. uneven concrete floors can be fixed with nominal work. but if you find that you have seriously uneven floors, then you may need to have a professional investigate your foundation for bigger problems.

how to level concrete floors: 10 steps (with pictures

over time, concrete floors can settle unevenly or become uneven due to cracking and moisture. whether you want to refinish an uneven basement floor, or replace or add new flooring on top of an existing concrete floor somewhere in your home, you most likely will need to level the concrete floor.

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basement flooring options over uneven concrete

you have a few options: grind the floor, use a self-leveling compound, or use a subfloor to get it pretty close to even as possible. i have listed a couple of forgiving flooring materials carpet and vinyl to use over uneven concrete floors. fixing an uneven floor is just more than leveling. you need more planning that you may expect.

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sloping concrete slabs are the result of improper pouring of the patio at the time of installation, excessive wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions and shifting of the underlying soil. with proper preparation and the use of concrete leveling compound, you can restore the concrete patio back to a level slope.

3 options for uneven floor repair doityourself.com

when you are dealing with uneven floors, one option that you have is to use self-leveling compound. this compound can potentially be utilized on a concrete slab or a wood subfloor, and it works well when you are dealing with dips in the floor. self-leveling compound is similar to concrete, typically coming in large bags in powder form.

how to level a concrete floor this old house

in this video, this old house general contractor tom silva shows how to resurface an uneven concrete slab. steps: 1. lay long, strht 2x4 rail across the concrete-slab floor, with one end positioned on the high point in room. 2. slip shims under the low end of the 2x4 rail until it's perfectly level.

concrete & masonry : how to repair an uneven concrete

concrete floors that are uneven are dangerous, and should be repaired. re-level your concrete floor properly with help from a licensed engineering contractor in this free video on concrete and

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