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so, it is the fungus caused by the rain, rather than the rain itself that makes the surface of your decking slippery, no matter the season. so how can you make your decking safer when it rains? firstly it’s important to keep your decking as clean as possible to help stop fungus and mold from forming. this will help reduce the risk of slipping

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i have recently moved house and inherited a nice decking area. unfortunately when it is wet or frosty it is lethal to walk on. both my wife and i have slipped and badly bruised ourselves on it. we have now roped the area off to be safe. my question on this issue is, can anything be done to the decking to make it slip proof such as painting a coat of say sandtex on it.

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even when wet, wood deck surfaces typically present less risk for slipping than composite deck boards -- unless they become dirty and neglected. mold, mildew, moss, pollen or algae growing on a

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5 ways to stop your deck from becoming a slip and slide

it’s one of your worst nightmares: someone gets injured on your property. among the most common types of accidents are slip and fall accidents, and as we brace ourselves for the winter, we need to ensure they don’t happen. many of these accidents happen on decks. therefore, if you have a deck, it’s important to […]

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does anyoneknow how to stop decking being/getting slippery. i have a bridge over my stream and a sitting area over my pond and though i have tried power washing them and scrubbing hard and have removed all the lichen, they are still very slippery and i can soon see myself ending up in the pond if i cannot solve this problem.

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