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how to unclog a drain tips from the family handyman

clear a floor drain trap. family handyman. how to unclog a bathroom sink drain without chemicals. replace a shower drain from the top. how to unclog a bathtub drain without chemicals. tricks for splicing plastic drain pipe. unclog a kitchen sink. how to eliminate basement odor and sewer smells.

green drain , inc

the green drain is an environmentally friendly water free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools. why is green drain tm self-cleaning? green drain lets water rinse the membrane and has no labyrinth opposite to normal trap seals that collects dirt, hair and grease.

no traps in basement floor drains

no traps in basement floor drains. hi, my house was built in 1945. after having my main snaked due to a root blockage we experienced smell from the basement drains. the drains also run dry when water is poured into them. i am assuming the water we saw in the drains earlier was due to the main not flowing freely. the reason for this is that it

stop drain p-traps from drying out and eliminate sewer gas

this stuff is specifically designed for floor drains, places where the p-traps evaporate due to infrequent use and even drains without p-traps. here are some other stats that vapour block boasts: natural citrus formula; slow evaporation rate; creates a seal in the p-trap of the drain preventing the water seal from evaporating

what is the difference between floor clean out and floor trap?

a floor trap has a reservoir of water to keep gasses from the sewer lines from getting in the room. it will also have an area where smaller heavy objects get caught and can be removed. a clean out is a sealed opening downstream from the trap that

what is a trap primer? and why is it required?

without liquid frequently entering the floor drain and trap, the liquid seal in the trap will evaporate over time, and sewer gas will emit from the floor drain. prior to the invention of the trap primer, people would periodically pour water into floor drains to maintain the liquid seal. a trap primer is a device that causes a small amount of

plumbing: does the floor drain in a basement shower

as several others have already stated, every drain needs a trap of some sort to prevent the maliforous scent of eau de pew from rising out of the drain and spreading its tendrils throughout your living space. since this shower drain is in a base

how to unclog a floor drain terry's plumbing

how to unclog a floor drain; the p-trap contains water that prevents sewer gases from escaping into your home. the clean-out plug leads to a pipe that goes strht down into the drain. use the shop vacuum to suck out dirt, gunk and and water from the p-trap.

the purpose of a drain trap

a plumbing drain trap is designed to retain a small amount of water each time the sink drains, and this water standing in the bottom of the curved portion of the trap seals the drain and keeps sewer gasses from escaping the drain and entering your home.

what can i do if drain alignment doesn't allow enough

if the drain pipe is in the floor, you have an s-trap. in either of the proposed configurations, either your original with the 45 or my suggestion without, both are absolutely s-trap configurations. even if the s-trap does siphon, it can't be worse than the previous no-trap drain.

taking the mystery out of floor drains

taking the mystery out of floor drains. by reuben saltzman. february 16, 2012 5:32am the floor drain has an area which bypasses the trap, which will allow a tool to be inserted in to the

green drain waterless trap seal for floor drains

green drain provides an alternative to trap primer installations. when a trap primer fails, sewer gas, bugs, and unpleasant odors can enter the building through the drain.

maximum length for fixture drains jlc online

with the siphon principle in mind, i first make sure that any drain less than 3 inches in diameter has at least a 1/4-inch slope 1/8-inch slope for 3-inch diameter and greater , and then i simply measure from the floor assuming that it is level to the bottom of the drain at the trap connection where the trap weir is located .

how to add a basement shower without breaking concrete

in a home where the main drain is above the basement floor level, or in a basement without drainage provisions, you can still add a shower. without the need to break concrete, is to install it over existing plumbing stub-outs. this limits your ability to change the basement layout, but if the stub-outs are in place, using them will save

common floor drain problems and solutions

floor drains are built with a trap that is designed to be filled with water in order to block sewer/methane gases from venting upward. whether the drain has a pitch or a p trap, this trap can dry out allowing sewer odors to travel back up the piping into the air we breathe, and smell.

five things to consider when using an inline floor drain

with additional inline floor drain trap seals coming on the market, there are five things you should consider when making your selection. 1. ease of installation. while just about any inline floor drain trap seal is easier to install than trap seal primer valves, some are more worthy than others.

floor drain sewage odor problems: cause and cure

floor drain sewage odor problem troubleshooting: sewer gas sulphur odor leak discovery, cause, and repairs where a basement or cl space floor drain or drain trap is the problem. how to diagnose basement or cl space sewer odors due to a floor drain diagnosing and repairing cast iron drain connection and leak problems diagnosing sewer gas odors traced to plumbing drain deterioration questions

shower drain without a trap? yahoo answers

hi. my wife and i have convinced ourselves that our upstairs shower has not p trap. we have suspected this since we moved in and even though we have had a home inspector and two plumbers review the plumbing one specifically asked to look at this shower drain for a trap . we convinced our selves in this manner. 1. opened the clean out and took a radio and set up up by the open pipe.

no drain trap is ok? terry love plumbing and remodel diy

even a weekend diy should know that every fixture that connects to a drain needs a vented p trap. that means each fixture in the house. a toilet does its trap built in, but sinks, tubs, showers, basins, washers, floor drains, humidifier drains, and any fixture that is connected to a drain must have a p trap that is properly vented.

basement drain without a trap

basement drain without a trap. ask question asked 4 years, 1 month ago. active 3 years, 10 months ago. it may be a 'floor drain to soakaway' rather than connected to septic/sewer, but those can still get quite nasty especially if something cls down there and dies .

what to do about a garage floor without a drain

a garage without a drain can be a dangerous problem for a homeowner to have. you might not see it right away, but that pooling water in your garage can penetrate your garage floor, weakening it, and causing destruction over time.

how a dry p-trap can leak sewer gas smells angie's list

some drains have visible p-traps, such as those under a bathroom or kitchen sink, and some drains have p-traps that are hard to see or hidden, such as on a floor drain, shower or toilet. however, every drain must have a properly vented p-trap, and every p-trap must have a regular supply of water going through it to keep the trap seal

my basement has no p trap in floor drain. is it hard to

i have to ask who told you there is no trap in your floor drain? i find that hard to believe. i have seen a number of cases of where people were getting sewer gas out of a floor drain. that is because few of us wet mop our floors and the traps dry out. the traps don't work if you they don't have water in them.

floor drain basics

floor drain. floor drains are no exception. the photo at right shows a floor drain, as viewed from the side. the shaded portion shows the trap where water will always sit, which prevents sewer gas from coming in.