eco friendly flower box for public area restaurant

palette and paints: 5 favorite eco-friendly stains

palette and paints: 5 favorite eco-friendly stains meredith swinehart march 27, 2014 on tuesday, erin called our attention to the beauty of the color-stained garden bed in trend alert: stained raised beds .

to go containers, take out containers and to go packaging

we sell a wide variety of takeout boxes and to go containers to meet all food service needs. from specialty dessert boxes to chinese takeout to lunch boxes perfect for pre-packaged meals - you name it, we've got it. we take pride in offering our 'green' clients eco-friendly options with our recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable to go

best eco-friendly practices for organic restaurants

the green restaurant association gra : this national non-profit organization offers certification to restaurants that use sustainable practices. beyond certification, gra offers convenient and cost-effective tools that will help make your eco-friendly transition stress-free, so this is a great organization to check out.

green packaging group your source for eco friendly

the eco-friendly benefits of custom paperboard carton packaging october 14, 2019 in a recent post, we discussed and detailed some of the hot packaging trends in the industry, and one of the points of focus was printed interior packaging and inserts.

how monaco is going green

theres some irony to associating eco-friendly with monaco, which is commonly associated with hedonism and excess as much as the iconic grand prix. by popular choice of helicopter or yacht

gift guide 2018: 11 gifts for the eco-friendly gardener

gift guide 2018: 11 gifts for the eco-friendly gardener kristina hacker december 7, 2018 for the person on your holiday list who never forgets to bring a reusable tote to the farmers market, reminds you to recycle, and will wrap your gift in brown paper, here are 11 eco-aware gifts he or she will appreciate and the earth will too .


party planners, wedding planners, studio owners, and restaurants will be interested in our line of wholesale roses and carnations, and pre-made rose dance recital bouquets. if you have used 48longstems for your flower delivery needs before, we say thank you if not, we ask you to give us a try when you order flowers online.


join us for a fun night of painting beautiful environmentally friendly cork leather totes with amazing stencil designs at local bars and restaurants near you all ages events also available.

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fresh products is the leader in odor control manufacturing. come be a partner with the number 1 odor control manufacturer in the united states

eco-friendly garden design

turn your garden into a wildlife sanctuary with these eco-friendly tips. welcoming all that can fly in, this natural garden is home to birds, bees, bugs, and even bats. its also populated with native and ornamental plants that are both beautiful and kind to the environment. call it a bio

eco-friendly hotel ideas you need to implement now

when eco-minded travelers search for a hotel or resort, they want to make sure they can easily dine on healthy, sustainable cuisine. offering local, seasonal, organic food is a great way to ensure that your guests are dining on fresh, delicious, eco-friendly meals.

five outstanding green restaurants treehugger

here at treehugger, we've covered the sustainable food movement for years, but have never pulled together our own list of the greenest restaurants. wait no more: these five outstanding green

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shop over 3000 restaurant, catering and bakery supply products at great prices and fast shipping. eco friendly plates, skewers, mini dessert cups, take out and food truck containers.

restaurants in carmel, indiana hamilton county towns

restaurants in carmel, indiana. no matter what you do and explore in carmel, food is on the menu. check out our list of places to eat in carmel, including cafes, coffee shops, breweries, restaurants and more. take on the big ugly burger challenge at bubs burgers and ice cream as seen on man v.

earth friendly products

eco-conscious shoppers - support a healthier, more sustainable, and earth-friendly future by shopping at the ecomall ecomall promotes environmental health for people and the planet ecomall is the amazon of the eco-world put your money where your heart is. feel good and do good with what you buy. standing up for the planet

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the be green packaging store is the world's premiere website to purchase biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging for restaurants and small businesses. we offer a complete line of compostable and recyclable food packaging for a variety of uses.

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bagasse is the hot topic in biodegradable food packaging; a natural, eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene. expanded polystyrene is a man-made product a petroleum- based plastic. bagasse on the other hand is an all-natural plant-based material; the waste fibre that remains after sugarcane has been pressed for its juice to make sugar.

top 10 ideas from eco and sustainability over the last 12

we've picked out our top ten eco and sustainability articles from the last 12 months on springwise. we hope that the ideas listed below provide entrepreneurs with plenty of fresh inspiration and spark even more innovative efforts in the future. amsterdam has been at the forefront of a number of

new and noteworthy: the first ever eco-friendly faux flowers

like most people who grew up in the 80s, i have a bias against fake flowers. i dont think i ever saw one that wasnt dusty and depressinguntil now. i recently received an email from bloomist, an online store that opened last year, announcing the launch of their new collection of eco-minded faux flowers.these faux pieces are so artful and au courant that i would happily welcome them

earth's friends

welcome to earth's friends , an eco-friendly living website created to gather support for our planet, spread the word on climate change and learn how to make a difference in the world by sharing ways to live a greener life.

flower delivery

but not all of us are a fan of a bouquet with a short vase life. luckily for all the flower lovers out there, the bouqs has you covered. our flowers are grown on sustainable, eco-friendly farms and cut right when you order to ensure that theyll stay as vibrant and fresh as they were on the fields because who likes a wilted bouq? not us

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compostable takeout disposable wholesale food containers ditch styrofoam and plastic takeout containers for sustainable, disposable alternatives. our selection of wholesale eco-friendly take-out containers offers restaurants a green alternative to traditional styrofoam packaging.