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wood, vinyl and metal fence posts are also used to support mail boxes, for sign support and hanging various items. regardless of the intended use, the fence post should be securely anchored in the

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depending on how much post you need above grade will largely dictate your fence post depth, and as long as its depth is somewhere between one-third to one-half the overall length, you should be just fine.

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step 1. set the fence post inside the center of the hole. ask a friend to hold the post steady as you check the levelness. set a four-foot level on each side of the post to ensure the post is level. pour another six inches of pea gravel into the hole around the post.

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the pros and cons of vinyl fencing to install a vinyl fence, posts must be placed in cement that takes time to dry. posts cannot be moved after that, so installation must be correct the first time. vinyl fences are not good for temporary use, due to the posts and concrete. they cannot be moved after they are installed.

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it has been awhile since i wrote about fence posts, concrete is a no-no for fence posts. dig deep. measure the post and plan on burying at least a third of it. for a 5-foot fence, youd

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how deep should a fence post be for vinyl? rule of thumb, 30 inches works best with most pvc fence posts. anything less than that is based on other factors like manufacturer design and installation specs. post holes should be deep enough to hold 1/3 the length of your post, plus 6 more inches for a gravel base.

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the depth of the hole is important. my tests over the years have shown that the amount of buried post should be half the length that extends above the ground. in your case my guess is your fence posts were taller than the fence, so your wood fence posts should be in the ground at least 3 feet.

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how deep should you set a concrete fence post? i'll shortly be erecting a fence using 7ft 9' posts, my initial plan was to use 1ft gravel boards and 5ft fence panels leaving 1ft 9' to set into the ground. is this sufficient enough to leave me with a sturdy post? all help and guidance appreciated.

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our general rule at patriot fence for a 6 tall fence is to set your posts 22 deep. however there are exceptions to the rule. generally the harder the ground you are going to concrete into, the less depth you will have to set the post.

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fence post correctly set in ground using postcrete. for example, if you are erecting a 6 foot high fence the posts need to be 6 feet above the ground. 6 divided by 3 is 2, therefore the depth of the hole required is 2 feet. the width of the post hole should be 3 times the width of diameter of the post.

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next, take your fence post and stick it in the hole. make sure it is the right height and adjust accordingly by continuing to dig or filling in the hole. for a sturdy post you should try and make your hole at least 2 feet deep. once you get the height correct, it is time line your post up properly.

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related articles. measure the length of the post you are going to set with a tape measure. for stability of the fence, the depth of the post hole should be one-third the length of the post. if you want your fence to be 6 feet high, for example, you need 9-foot posts, and the post holes should be 36 inches deep.

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holes should also be dug 10-12 inches wide or about 3 times the width of the post. before you dig, be sure to call your local utilities company to mark any underground cables. also, reassess your fence layout and make sure your posts are where you want them.

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how deep to dig fence post holes. width guidelines the width of your post holes should be a minimum of 10 inches wide, if youre using four-by-four posts and filling the holes with concrete. dig your holes about 8 inches in diameter if youre using the same posts and backfilling with soil and gravel.

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1. stretch a string across the yard to establish the fence line. use a line level to ensure the string is level. 2. when starting against an existing fence post or other object, dig the first fence-post hole to 32 inch deep using a manual post-hole digger. 3. prepare the vinyl fence posts by first cutting a pressure-treated 5x5 into 24-inch-long pieces.

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the height of a fence and the weight of a fence are the key components when deciding how deep a fence post should be buried. also, the soil the post are set in is a major factor to consider. a fence that tends to lean shortly after being installed is normally a result of not being deep enough in the ground, or a large enough footing, or

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anywho, he called last night and wants to know how deep he should set fence posts. no cement, just cedar posts for a 48' stockade fence. six feet between posts. post will be 53' above ground. i immediately say 48' standard here in mass for below freeze . i guess he would really like to use eight foot posts because he's wondering if 43' is enough.

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i don't know if this would be adequate for a taller fence, but it would probably do at least for an 8' fence. once while replacing termite eaten cedar 4x4' posts i encountered a soft limestone 14' or so below ground. i dug 4' or 6' deep into the limestone with a steel digging bar and stopped. i put in the post and then cut 6' or 4' off the top.

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then set the fence post in the hole. once you set the next post, you'll need to measure to make sure the same length of post is above ground for all posts. pour 6 in. of gravel around the fence post and then top with concrete. if the concrete is too loose, use braces to keep the post upright. check that the post is flush with the string line and plumb.

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if your fence posts are 8 feet high, then 2 1/2 feet of the posts should go from the bottom of the post hole to the plumb line, and 5 1/2 feet of the post from the plumb line to the top of the fence.

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driving fence posts. driving fence posts in saves you the time and energy of digging a hole larger than the post to accommodate concrete or other backfill material. the width of a post hole should be at least three times as wide as the width of the post. for a 4-inch wide post, you will need to dig a 12-inch wide hole.

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for a six-foot-tall post, therefore, you would dig a hole two feet deep. the ideal diameter, meanwhile, should measure three times the width of the post. so, for a standard 4×4, the ideal hole

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depth considerations. if your post is 6-feet tall, you will dig down at least 2 feet. for the width, you need to make the hole three times the width of the post you intend to use. you need to dig a 12-inch wide hole for a 4-foot wood post. gates require a hole with a depth of 36 to 40 inches in the ground and with a diameter of at least 12 inches.

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about four to five feet for a above ground pool. with a five foot fence for and underground about five feet deep with a five foot fence also. asked in swimming pools , pool building and repair

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fence post guidelines . depending on where you live, these can vary. if you live in a place with extremely cold winters, you will want to dig your holes so you can install fence posts below the freeze line. this can be as much as 36 inches deep, depending on how severe your local winters are. in some places, there are also footer inspections. if you are constructing a diy fence, you will have to arrange that inspection.