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monsters only challenge - disgaea: afternoon of darkness

i would think it would be possible, but keep in mind unlike la pucelle(where the monsters are arguably superior to the humans because of the training and higher growth rates), this game basically makes monsters useless and it is designed so that humanoid characters trump monsters in every way to the point that monsters aren't even good secondaries so the game was really meant to be beaten

beginner's guide deck heroes wiki fandom

just starting deck heroes? a quick read can get you on the right path to make sure you're not wasting your precious time and gems. this guide was originally written by somar on the community forum. special thanks to him and the rest of the awesome deck heroes community!

how to play deck heroes strategy guide hints, tips

just getting started with deck heroes, or looking to get ahead in the game with some strategy hints, tips and tricks? our deck heroes expert lisa l. is here to give you all the juiciest bits of knowledge from her many hundreds of hours in the game.

deck heroes: tips, tricks and common mistakes

*** important update *** there are much better videos (content and quality) on my channel since this was my first video ever, please check them out! my first youtube video ever about the game deck

deck heroes tips and tricks: deck heroes guide and walkthrough

welcome to deck heroes guide and walkthrough. the first part of this walkthrough covers the most important milestones and game concepts until you are level 20. as soon as you begin the game, a fairy named alice will guide you through the tutorial. alice is deck heroes' mascot and the most loved name in the game (you will know the reason soon!).

hero colosseum tips and exploits - dragon ball: xenoverse

a thread for any tips and tricks people have for battle formations and experience an item grinding. i personally have almost every figure, came from saving tp medals from raids and multiple story playthroughs and character grinds to level 99, so i recognize that not everyone will have the same figures i do.

deck heroes tips and tricks: 2018

the deck consists of 2 star hero defiler, 5 treant guides at level 10, one treant guide melded with vodoo from dark witch(another 3 star creature). if you have a 5 star gorgon or spirit siren, you can use either of them instead of the melded treant guide.

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky - faq/walkthrough

legend of heroes: trails in the sky is the first of the trilogy. it's originated in the pc back in 2004. infamous with its enormous text, western publishers had strayed away this game for a long time. it wasn't until 2010 when xseed announced that this series will come over in the western shores.

blizzard wants you to leave your house and hang out with

blizzard wants you to leave your house and hang out with real people developer launches new fireside gathering initiative, encouraging hearthstone players to meet up with local gamers.