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related articles. measure the exact width of the lumber you're going to use with a tape measure, and make a mark the same distance from the end of the board. scribe a strht line across the board with a combination square and pencil, and cut along the line with a circular saw to obtain a square piece of wood.

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apply adhesive. apply a generous amount of adhesive in the middle of the cap and a narrow bead around the inside perimeter. step two. install the cap. once youve applied the adhesive, press the cap firmly on top of the post so the adhesive spreads over the surface of the post and seals around the perimeter.

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measure the size of the fence post. it may surprise you how many people get this part wrong when installing fence post lighting. the size of the fence post makes all the difference. at fence supply online we supply solar post caps to suit all post sizes. there is not a one size fits all answer: only a 4 by 4 light will fit a 4 by 4

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while vinyl fences have more solar-powered cap options, there are a few that are available for wood fences. when you have chosen your caps and are ready to install, you can use either an adhesive or nails. nails are the recommended installation method, however, as they will provide more stability for the cap.

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i show you how to make fence post caps with a table saw, router, and chop saw. how to make your own fence post caps 77avadon77. installing tile floor for the first time how to lay

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wood fence post caps serve two very important functions; one decorative and the other vital to the health of ones deck and fence posts. it is very important to cap off the tops of fence and deck posts so insects cannot bore into the wood easily and water cannot seep into the grain of the wood and swell, which eventually causes cracks and splintering.

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tim svarczkopf, perennial wood's advanced technical services representative, explains how to install a perennial wood post cap.

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installing a fence post cap or multiple fence post caps is a quick project even those new to diy can easily accomplish. apply adhesive. apply a generous amount of adhesive in the middle of the cap and a narrow bead around the inside perimeter. install the cap.

what are fence post caps and why do you need them

what are fence post caps and why do you need them? decks and fences are valuable additions to your landscape. as such, you should do everything possible to protect them. one of the biggest problems with both fencing and decks are the posts. after years of weathering, the posts especially the tops are often split, rotten or worse.

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the tops of fence posts are exposed to the most sun, weather, and water damage. properly installed post caps can protect your posts from collecting water on the top. when water collects on the top of fence posts, you may see your fence rotting away in the future. this is why a lot of wooden fence owners install post caps.

what are fence post caps and why do you need them

in wet weather, the tops of your posts will absorb more water than any other part of the post. this leads to mold, mildew, moss growth and eventually rot. fence post tops are also more exposed to sun and wind, which dries the wood and causes it to crack. fence post caps solve all those problems by protecting post tops from the elements.

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to view the full range of fence post capitals available, head to our online shop: watch the video to learn how to install a fence post capital on a fence post.

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installation instructions for atlanta post caps estate, plateau and slim profile series. step 1. attach the base of the post cap to the wooden post in the proper direction. the two supports should be on the top side of the fence post cap base. the bottom of the post cap base is smaller than the top of the post cap. if the top of the post cap will not snap securely onto the base, you may have the post cap in the wrong orientation.

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brand new never used 4' fence post caps 3 5/8 square actual size . smooth seamless plastic cap , very durable a full 1/8 inch thick , to protect your treated posts from water and sun damage.

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with madison iron and wood post caps this is simply done by drilling the side of the post cap with a 1/4' drill bit and installing whatever screw is desired. some people would prefer to do this if they plan on taking the post cap off in the future, or they want a little bit more security from thieves.

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tamp down the gravel using the bottom of the fence post. to do this, set the post in the hole and, with gloved hands, lift the post up a few inches and bring it back down hard on the gravel. repeat this three to five times to even out the gravel. position the post in the center of the hole and hold it upright.

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refinish wooden post caps whenever you refinish your deck. for glass post caps, apply car wax or furniture polish to the copper-wrapped solder before you install the caps. this will prevent oxidation. repeat the waxing process every three to six months, as needed. deckorators metal post caps come with a layer of lacquer for protection.

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step 3 - place the post cap square. now set a firm, tall and steady board to the table saw fence. go about it by placing the 2 inch sides of your personalized post caps on the surface of the table saw, after which fasten a piece of scrap wood to be used as a backer board to a respective side of the square.

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table 1 provides a list of finished fence post heights and the relative post hole depth. table 1 - relative post hole depth to finished post height. the diameter of the hole for a 4 x 4 fence post should be a minimum of 8 inches and 10 inches would be better. figure 7 - cross section of finished post hole with fence post in position

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post cap additional features: in addition to capping and sealing off the tops of fence and deck posts, post cap can serve additional features such as shed light for walkways and decoration, collect solar power for sidelights and dome lights on sides of posts and rails, and serve as a lamp post adapter.

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step 1. lay a piece of 1-by-4 along the ground between the first two posts in the line. stand your first flat top stockade fence panel on top of it. stand the first post upright and align it, so that the outside face of the post is even with the ends of the horizontal runners on the fence panel.

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to install your decorative post caps, we recommend using an exterior-grade construction adhesive to adhere the cap to the post. apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the cap, and then place the cap firmly over the top of the post.

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wrapping the posts. you can then cover the back of the box with one-by-six or two-by-six lumber. the front sides of the brackets will be covered by the fence planks. cover the top ends of the post boxes with a horizontal decorative top rail or with individual post caps that are peaked to shed water.