ground prep under deck

wrong idea: small stones under deck? lawn and garden

wrong idea: small stones under deck? i put some 1' gravels under my deck with plastic underneath it. my original idea was to make sure no water build up around my foundation wall at the back of the house.

how to prepare concrete deck piers and footings construction

deck pier hole and form prep tips. this is a good time to double- check your building code and permit. watch out: under some codes, you may be required to have the footings inspected before making the piers. it's smart to take photos of how you constructed the piers to avoid any question later-on about depth, bottom treatment, re-bar, etc.

vapor barrier under deck? - general discussion

have a plastic liner on the ground to shed any water that got under there. perhaps add a fan to increase air flow. basically just keep the air space under the deck drier than it normally would be. best case scenario with decks of this type is to coat all sides of the boards before install.

is mulch or gravel best to put under a stairs or deck

if the area under your deck or stairs will collect water or is prone to gathering moisture, an inorganic mulch such as gravel, crushed rocks or river rocks is best. gravel is a good material to place under outdoor structures, because it allows water to drain and doesn't decompose.

ground rules for grade-level decks professional deck builder

under-deck prep. since moisture is a main issue for grade-level deck framing and metal-hardware durability, it makes sense to address what you can before you cover an area. begin by sloping the earth away from the building and out from under the deck, to create positive drainage.

how to prepare a site for concrete: base, forms and rebar

prep for crack-free concrete. a concrete driveway should last for decades if its properly installed. good finishing techniques will make a slab look great for a while, but proper ground prep will keep it looking that way over its lifetime. here are some great tips on how to prepare the site for a pour. construction pro tips.

deck building - preparing deck site before building

so here is a checklist for preparing your deck site: layout the shape of the deck with a hose or string and remove any sod. if you have a second storey deck you may not wish to do this or if the deck is 5 feet or higher. your choice. ensure there are no underground services in the area where you will be digging.

should i put black plastic down under the new deck i am

plastic tends to hold water and not allow water to soak into the ground under the deck. if the deck is close to a slab house, it's usually desirable for the water to soak the ground under the deck to avoid slab problems. there's no need to spray agent orange or any other herbicide.

how can i get rid of a groundhog under my deck? hometalk

we had a ground hog living under our deck. we tried everything, but she was too smart for a live trap. we caught two small possums, but no ground hog. so i did some research. i bought a bottle of fox urine. yes, that is right, fox urine. i sprayed it all around the deck and especially the area that i knew she could get in at.

how to build deck footings

without footings, deck support posts could sink into the ground under the weight of the deck. footings also have to be installed lower than the frost line to prevent the deck from moving when the soil freezes in the winter. a pier is often used as an upright support to connect the buried footing pad to the structural post above grade.

installing a ground-level deck

planning, preparation, and execution. ground-level wood decks are typically not ground-level they rest on or slightly under the ground and are a 'step up'. by constructing the frame from non-rotting pressure treated lumber, you don't have to worry about this deck ever needing repair due to mildew or fungus invasion

how to build a floating deck -

clear the ground where the deck will be installed, removing grass and all other organic material, as needed. rake the ground so it is flat and level, and tamp it well with your feet or with a hand tamp tool. if desired, lay down landscape fabric over the soil and add a layer of gravel to prevent weed growth under the deck.

why should you put gravel under a deck? hunker

even if you choose to build your deck with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the elements can impact and diminish the deck's quality over time if care is not also applied when preparing the deck site. certain ground coverings are better suited for use with decks than others.

problems with dirt under the deck garden guides

problems with dirt under the deck by jessica kolifrath . creating instability in the ground and damaging the concrete footers. removing the sod, grass or other ground-cover plants in the area where you plan to build your deck will destroy important root systems, says virginia decking and remodeling. prepare soil for a concrete slab

how to make a ground level wooden deck hunker

a ground-level deck requires a significant amount of planning and may require permission from local town governments or zoning boards, depending on your jurisdiction. proper footing and construction methods are essential. railings and attachment to your home are optional.

ground level deck preparation

ground level deck preparation. tips on building deck at ground level - source for deck may 04, 2008: building a ground level deck by: anonymous building a ground level deck poses some challenges because there is usually not enough room to use beams on ..>> how to build a deck - diy, do it yourself home improvement

does anything need to be done to prep the ground before

does anything need to be done to prep the ground before building a low height deck? ask question asked 7 years, 8 months ago. the question can i build a deck this low to the ground? addresses the concern of having wood sitting so close to the ground, but my concern is more about what will actually happen under the deck. could i have any

deck building advice, how to prepare the ground under the

i am planning on building a deck in the next few weeks but i am not sure what to do to prepare the ground. the deck will be resting on deck blocks which are concrete foundations desgined for a deck. with the deck being so low to the ground i want to do something to remove the weed/grass and keep them down.