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make sure the heads of the dowels are aligned with the concrete surface, otherwise you wont be able to install the post anchor properly. smart tip: the size of the plastic dowels has to match the one of your screws, otherwise they will break while you drive them in.

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in most cases, settling concrete stops sinking eventually, so delay this project until it does. this project raises the level of your patio by 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 in. depending on the thickness of your decking and whether or not you put spacers under the sleepers . so any door thresholds adjoining the patio must be at least that far above the concrete.

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seventrust decking - faddenit can also improve the lifespan of your deck by reducing moisture , because our deck is fairly low, and parts rest on concrete steps outside two sliding glass , if the planks were screwed in directly, from above or below, you could put , you have to lay the plank down, put a 2x4 next to it, and then hit the 2x4 until the seventrust,

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the best way to install pavers over concrete. then, a one-inch thick layer of sand is added across the entire area where the pavers will be laid down. this helps drain water away from the pavers and off the concrete slab. the next step involves adding pavers on top of the sand. once all all the pavers are laid and cut,

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fill in any spots where rainwater pools with either self-leveling compound or a concrete topping mix. clean the area thoroughly, mix and pour your chosen material into the sunken area and run a strhtedge over the newly poured mix until it is level with the surrounding concrete. allow the repaired concrete to cure completely.

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if the decking is joining onto a house, the first thing youll need to do is attach a wall plate. to plan around a step or a sill take an off cut of deck board, put it under the lowest part of

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decking boards these are the boards that make up the finished surface of the deck. decking boards are usually smooth on one face and grooved on the other to give better grip. deck tiles instead of strht boards, you can also buy pre-made deck tiles. deck tiles can make it easier to create interesting patterns in the deck.

how to attach deck post bases to concrete footers

how to attach deck post bases to concrete footers how to use steel metal deck support posts and columns how to use shared load deck support posts how to install deck post wraps and sleeves how to install concrete support deck posts and columns how to slope a deck for water runoff and drainage

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place the boards into position on the concrete and use the holes as a guide to drill holes the diameter of the anchor sleeves into the concrete. use a hammer drill equipped with a carbide masonry bit to drill the concrete holes 2 ½ inches deep. clear the holes in the concrete of dust using either a shop-vac or a nylon brush.

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hire a kango or breaker and get that concrete out pal, it will be a lot of fannying around to put decked steps on that you could use the side of the slope for support but you're probably going to need support in the centre and you would probably have to bolt the supports the other side to the wall.

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if youre pouring more than a few footings, order premixed concrete from a ready-mix company. youd be shocked at how many bags of concrete mix youd have to mix by hand to fill a form tube. figure concrete volume by multiplying the height of the post and column in feet by the radius of the tube in feet squared times 3.14.

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attach the finished skirts to the concrete using tapcon screws and you're done. you can then quickly remove the stair boards to apply silicone where the skirts touch the concrete, and put the boards back on. notes cupping - if you look down the short edge of a board, you'll see the rounded grain that indicates this was once part of a circle. the curves will either point up or down, and this is important to keep in mind.