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hollowcore is the most versatile of all mid-states concrete products. ideal for flooring and roof systems, hollowcore plank offers the strength and durability to support heavy loads. it is also helpful in meeting separated parking requirements in mixed use, multi-family and other buildings.

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oreilly plate flooring panels are solid prestressed concrete elements. strong and versatile, standard plate flooring is available in a variety of strengths from 80-150mm in depth 200mm can also be accommodated , and up to 1200mm in width.


spi hollowcore slabs offer the benefits of durability, low maintenance, fire resistance, sound control and speed of construction, all at a very competitive price. our hollowcore slabs are typically used as floor members in hotels, motels, apartments/condominiums, college dormitories, self storage facilities and multi-million dollar mansions.

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hollowcore flooring technical manual 2003 hollowcore flooring is a technical manual covering the design and construction of projects utilising precast hollowcore flooring. this comprehensive and easy to use resource has been divided up into the different project stages design approach, pre-planning, preliminary design, final

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the use of precast concrete hollowcore flooring is a highly cost effective solution that fits easily into any structural system such as steel or concrete frame or indeed masonry construction. the units themselves are manufactured at a width of 1200mm and depths of 150, 200, 250, and 300mm. see span/load tables for full details.


1305 - 10' light cross section elematic hollow core plank . 1305.pdf: file size: 253 kb: file type: pdf: download file. architectural wall panels carboncast insulate panels structural wall panels stadia stairs trusses beams and columns hollowcore 12ft double tees 15ft double tees. residential

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the aspect of precast hollowcore slabs that makes them unique is their design that features hollowed out voids that run along the length of each panel. these tubular voids dramatically reduce the overall weight of each panel without sacrificing any of the structural strength it provides in the construction project.

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this reduction in weight not only reduces costs, but also increases the ability to handle greater loads or span greater distances. hollowcore is primarily used as a floor and roof deck system and hollowore has many innate qualities such as being durable, non-combustible, mold and mildew proof, along with providing acoustical and vibration

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nicore hollow core concrete planks are custom produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and come available in depths of up to 16, permitting up to 50 ft of clear span quality precast concrete floor panels

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average price; precast concrete fence: $15 to $40 per square foot installed, depending on the block being used: precast concrete light pole base: $500 to $900 per pole base installed: precast concrete panel: $150 to $500 each, depending on the size. no installation. precast concrete retaining wall block: $15 to $30 per square foot installed

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tilt-up concrete panels or concrete hollow core planks p.s.f.s.a. price range typical 5½ and 6 broom finish $11.50 - $14.50 $13.00 5½ and 6 aggregate finish 13.50 - 16.50 15.00 7½ and 8 broom finish 13.20 - 16.20 14.70 7½ and 8 aggregate finish 15.20 - 18.60 16.90

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hollow core. hollow core. architectural insulated panels for the exterior of a building can provide a durable, attractive, energy efficient envelope. ancillary recreation, parking and convention facilities are commonly constructed using precast concrete framing with long span roof and floor members. canadian precast prestressed concrete

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my litedeck rep came back with $3.25sqft for the floor forms. it would probably be cheaper to form it with plywood, however this space could be used as a heated shop, so an insulated floor may not be a bad idea. still, the litedeck, poured, is pushing half the price of a hollow plank.

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extrusion - hollow core slab planks panels roofing flooring walls external walls - production video - duration: prestressing hollow core slab machine hty300x1200 - duration: 16:34.

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price suggestions above are very accurate as to the finished cost based on a $7.00 per sq core cost. the $7.00 price range seems quite low unless your talking about a very large project. we have one going here that's over 150,000 sq and its slightly over $7.00 and smaller projects under 3000 usually run $10,00 plus just for the core slab.

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hollow core plank mid south prestress is the largest producer of precast hollow core plank concrete in the mid-southern united states. using an extruded process, hollow core plank or hollow core slab is a plant-manufactured prestressed concrete slab with continuous cores, or voids, which considerably reduces weight up to 50% compared with a poured-in-place flat slab and cost.

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traditional hollowcore precast concrete floor panels used in residential and multi-story buildings have been the go-to product for many years, and with good reason. hollowcore floor systems have many advantages that have made them the backbone of sustainable, durable precast concrete building components.