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it can be hard to find a deck railing and stair railing that is perfect for your home. wood is more high maintenance, and iron can be quite expensive. two types that are gaining popularity for weatherability and minimal if any maintainance, is vinyl railing and alumminum railing. it comes in a lot of different styles and color.

wood or plastic deck railing - pros and cons of each

compared to wooden deck railing, plastic deck railing is considerably more expensive, which may be a deal breaker for a lot of homeowners. it will also never look quite as natural or rustic as real wood, so if you are going for that sort of look, plastic may not be the way to go.

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more expensive than traditional railings: cable railings will have a higher initial cost than more traditional deck railing however, its important to consider the lifespan maintenance cost when comparing railing to railing. your standard wood deck railing will initially cost less, but it will require annual, costly upkeep to maintain its integrity and durability e.g. sanding, staining, sealing, etc. .

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total height of the railing. our standard heights are 36 and 42. we can also make custom heights. while a standard 36 tall cable railing uses11 qty cables and a 42 tall cable railing uses 13 qty cables. you can expect a 42 tall railing to cost approximately 18% more per linear foot than a 36 tall railing.

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for each linear foot, budget at least the average glass deck railing cost will rise to about $110 to $150 per linear foot. conclusion for the best uninterrupted outdoor views, you cant do much better than glass railing panels.

a comprehensive review of tempered glass railing systems

they are expensive; the undeniable truth is that tempered glass railing systems are very expensive. in fact, they may just be one of the most costly deck railing options out there today. estimates show that a single five-foot, 3/8 inch glass panel can cost up to $240. that said, you have to weigh the benefits against the cost of this type of railing.

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at $40 to $60 per linear foot, glass makes an oh-so-chic but oh-so-expensive deck railing system. nevertheless, theyre great when you want to see all the vistas your deck has to offer. use tempered, shatterproof safety glass, but check with your local building codes about glass railings before you proceed.