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players have started to discuss whether br vengevine might soon replace hollow one as the better version of the archetype. the main difference between the two decks is that vengevine is heavily graveyard-based, while hollow one deck is based partially on discard and partially on the graveyard.

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it can reduce the cost of hollow one, put a vengevine in the yard, or best of all, set up griselbrand and goryo's vengeance. rounding out the deck is gurmag angler, a great threat that helps take advantage of the graveyard in the same way that the typical hollow one decks use hooting mandrills. the change makes sense given that this list has

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you might be wondering why hollow one and vengevine didnt much have success as a tag team, but the answer to that is a bit complicated. although both of them have made a living out of faithless looting abuse, those two cards are better off in shells of their own and that was very much prominent based on their performance at the pt with ben hulls hollow one topping the list.

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the payoff of getting a 3cmc 3/4 flyer, plus all hollow one's are free, bringing back vengevines if you can land even one hollow one off the trademage, and then convoking your t1-2 black creatures or bloodghasts, or even vengevine if necessary for a hogaak all t3 seems pretty nice.

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maijala broke the black-red mold, instead playing green and vengevine, which created even more explosive potential for a deck already renowned for its ability to dump a punch of power into play as early as turn two. where the archetype goes from here is an open question, but it seems that hollow one is here to stay.

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a rg hollow one/vengevine deck made waves in 2017 piloted by julian grace martin at an scg open, going 10-0 initially in the swiss before going 0-4 in his last four rounds. it was impressive at what it did, but seemed just a little bit off optimal. i was perusing some older modern lists and reading an article from ross merriam way back in 2017