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it's time to install your deck boards. learn what important things to look for in your lumber before putting anything together. deck building 13 - applying the deck boards except with redwood, it is usually best to use three nails in 2x8 pieces and two nails in 2x4 and 2x6 pieces at each point where the board crosses a joist. however

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chisel technique with nails used for decking spacers. start nails into the deck board. drive a 3/4-in. wood chisel into the joist and tight to the edge of the deck board with the bevel facing you. pull back on the chisel until the deck board is tight to your spacer and drive the nails.

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compared to building the foundation, installing decking boards is much more fun since this is what your friends and family will actually see. with a little planning and care you can avoid some rookie mistakes such as uneven gaps, raised or missing screw heads, and cracked or split deck boards.

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but then again i am strange, i wont run a 2x6 floor joist more then 8 feet if on 16 inch centers. why. because america is getting fatter, and any floor bounce to a smart consumer or a pain in the butt consumer is considered poor building. less work for installation provided they are clear span

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re: 2x6 subfloor bill, since i am from your area originally, i am quite familar with your situation. first you will need to install 2 x 6 floor joists at 16 inches o.c. between the 4 x 8 beams; then screw the 2 x 6 t and g to the joists and beams; liquid nail and screw 3/8 inch exterior grade glue plywood to the 2 x 6 t and g; now you are ready for the cbu wonderboard, durock, etc. .

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part 3: installing the decking and joists bob helps contractor bob ryley install 4x10 douglas fir floor joists, and also put in 2 x 6 spruce tongue-and-groove decking on the second floor.

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with your frame completed, its time to learn how to install decking boards. deck boards are usually 2x4, 2x6 or 5 1/4x6. deck boards are laid flat side down and spaced to allow for expansion and room for moisture to slip though.

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2x6 southern yellow pine flooring 1 grade prime t and g distinct color and grain properties. naturally durable for the most demanding applications

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hope it's not too late for this info, but you nail down 2x6 roof decking with a pneumatic framing gun, shooting a 3½' clipped-head nail on an angle through the tongue just like installing standard 1x t and g with a finishing nailer. reef in the boards tight to each other with a big old beater of a chisel.