how do you make a concrete patio on a sloped yard

1st things 1st: what to do with 10x16 sloped patio area

you will want some plastic to cover the concrete with, this keeps it from cracking in the heat. you may need a wheel barrel to move it to your patio. you will need some shovels to move the concrete around with. i figure it will take about 1.75 yards of concrete to do it, so 2 yards should be a safe bet, better to have too much than not enough.

need help with drainage for my patio - concrete, stone

you'll notice i have a slight swale with the direction of water flow. slope the ground from the pavers to the swale and same on the other side of the swale. you want to direct the water to a low area between the pavers and bottom of the slope where your yard goes up .

build a flagstone and stone block patio the family handyman

start your project by establishing the height of the finished patio and its slope for good drainage in relation to your house and existing yard. we wanted the basic outline of our patio to line up at a right angle to the house, so we started by staking a reference string at a right angle to the foundation photo 1 .

how to build a concrete patio

remove all vegetation in the patio area, extending the edges about 6 inches beyond all sides of the patio to make room for setting the concrete form . excavate the soil to a depth of 8 inches. as you work, measure down from the layout lines to gauge the excavation depth.

how to level a patio on a slope ehow - ehow how to

a very slight slope on the finished patio's surface will provide better water drainage to prevent the substrate material from washing out and causing dips in the patio surface. prepare a patio surface on a sloped area of your property using only a handful of tools to create a gentler slope for the finished patio.

amazing ideas to plan a sloped backyard that you should

natural steps in a sloped yard. if you have a sloped yard, consider building some steps that integrate easily and look very natural. for example, a pair of stone finished steps will smoothen the access around the garden. on every side, plant flowers or greenery so to harmonise the area with the overall landscape.

21 landscaping ideas for slopes - slight, moderate and steep

becoming a 'rock' et man. okay, so terrible pun, but the way this person used rocks to create a flat spot in their sloping yard for a small patio deserves recognition. the rocks help hold back the extra soil needed to create the patio and the mulch keeps soil erosion under control.

diy concrete patio - how to pour a slab - bob vila

how to: pour a concrete patio. using a line level, make sure the string runs at a consistent height. next, measure from the string to the ground at each stake. compare the line-to-ground measurements of any two stakes, dividing the difference in inches by the distance between the two stakes in feet .

leveling existing concrete patio for drainage the home

leveling existing concrete patio for drainage. during rainstorms the patio collects some water thereby forming puddles since there is not a good slope to allow for drainage. i thought it would be a good idea to remedy this issue before screening in the patio to prevent moisture problems. my patio would be screened in along the already existing 6 x 6 wood columns.

amazing ideas to plan a sloped backyard that you should

a dynamic landscape design with asymmetric lines and geometric cuts. in case you want to obtain an industrial look, mix steel with concrete. also, add falling plants on various spots to make the yard feel animated and lively. sloped backyard with plants and flowers. when sloped yards do not offer generous spaces, explore their altitude

how to grade for concrete ehow - ehow how to

drive stakes into the ground at 10 feet intervals. create a line of twine by wrapping twine around all of the stakes. raise and lower the twine as needed to create your grade for the concrete. the twine needs to slope 6 inches for every 10 feet, sloping away from buildings so rain water drains. excavate your land.

fix concrete patio slope this old house

i have an old ugly concrete patio that has settled and slopes toward the house. i would like to have a flagstone patio with a slight slope away from the house. what is the best way to do that? should the old patio be removed? or could the slope be corrected by putting sand or something else? on top of the concrete and then have the stones laid on top of the sand?

how do i create a drainage slope on my concrete slab

how do i create a drainage slope on my concrete slab before installing pavers hi, i have a 60's rambler with an 8' wide and 30' long concrete slab running under the eaves to the front door. the slab can't be removed as it runs under the brick on the front of my home.

build your own patio - extreme how to

the ground next to the housethe proposed patio locationsloped toward the rear of the yard. a sloped patio meant spilt drinks, toppling chairs and potential lawsuits, so we opted to build it with a flat surface. this meant we would have to build up the rear end of the patio to match the higher ground elevation at the front of the house.

how to pour concrete curbing in your yard today's homeowner

the result of course is that you need almost a wall, rather than a curb. but the techniques are the same build a form and pour the concrete. also, consider reinforcing your concrete with rebar or the addition of reinforcing fibers to prevent falling apart. cracking will happen, ideally at the control joints you put in just like in a sidewalk.

how to built steps on a slope in 2019 sloped backyard

jun 12, 2019 - most people struggle with sloped backyards, but look what this guy did in 2 days - this is so good to know as some of you know, we built our own patio. we then wanted a grand walkway which lead from our deck to the patio. the hillside we needed to trave

how do i build steps for a sloped backyard? home guides

steps are the first priority in making a sloped backyard accessible. they range in complexity form crude forms chiseled into the hillside and supported with scrap lumber to grand staircases of

how to level the ground for pavers: 15 steps with pictures

use string to mark the finished level for your pavers. place small stakes around the perimeter of the marked spot. tie white string between the stakes, creating lines across the plot of land. adjust each stake until the strings rest at the height each paver will sit at once the project is complete.

build a flagstone and stone block patio the family handyman

youll want an extra hand for the heavy workexcavating, pouring the concrete footings and moving stone to the patio site. but you can do the rest of the work solo. materials for this project were expensive close to $7,500 , but keep in mind that it will last virtually maintenance free for decades.

how do i create a drainage slope on my concrete slab

if the slab runs 30 feet along the front of the house, then the drainage issue will be to change the slope of the slab along the 8 inch or feet? dimension from the brick wall. you will need to use a cement product rather than gravel, since you want the water to run off the slab. gravel will still allow pooling.

how to build a patio on a slope hunker

step 5. level the sand with a board and wet it. compress the sand with a tamper until it is hard and uniformly level. start laying bricks or pavers along one side of the box and work outward. as you work, periodically check to see if the patio is level. cut any bricks or pavers with a masonry saw to fill in small spaces.

how to slope a concrete patio for drainage

sloping your patio properly will ensure that the concrete surface has the proper drainage capability. gather your materials. the materials that you'll need for this project depend somewhat on your patio and the state you reside in. if you haven't yet built a patio and are considering how to account for drainage in your construction plans, you may not need all of them.

preparations for building a patio on a slope

use a chalk line to mark off the boundaries of the patio. step 2 - excavating the area. use a spade and shovel to excavate six inches into the soil. begin digging out the soil at the lowest part of the slope. you will need to dig more soil from the highest part of the slope so that the entire area will be level.

how to build a pool: what to do with a sloped backyard

if you have a sloped backyard, and want to build your own inground pool, read on a concrete and stone retaining wall does the job for this homeowner. topped with boxwood and perennial bloomers, which helps drain around the pool, the rear fence is almost completely hidden.