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a pvc fence is an excellent alternative to wood or aluminum fencing. a vinyl pvc fence is more durable than a wooden fence and much more attractive than an aluminum alternative. vinyl pvc fencing comes in different colors and textures making it a versatile choice. it also comes in over 50 styles to

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installing vinyl material fence posts in the ground it goes without saying, but unlike wood or metal pvc fence posts cannot be driven into the ground. they will break.

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creating a string guide: when installing multiple fence posts in a strht line, the simplest way to guarantee professional results, with all posts level and perfectly aligned with one another, is with a string guide. to get started, youll need a hammer, nails 8d is a good size , and resilient string or twine.

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pvc polyvinyl chloride, the plastic resin used to manufacture vinyl fence. rail horizontal pieces between fence posts. racking method of installing fence on sloped terrain. fence posts are plumb, but the rails are mounted at an angle so they parallel the grade. rebar reinforcing bar, rods, round steel bars placed in end and gate

how to install a vinyl fence post

ideally, you need to have one vinyl fence post placed every six feet of your vinyl fence. mark each post location using spray paint. step 2-dig the hole. with a hydraulic auger, dig the holes at least 2 feet deep. remove the rocks and dirt on the holes using a shovel.

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properly digging the post holes and setting the fence posts is critical when building a strht, sturdy fence. corner, end and gate posts must be set in concrete. for fences with low wind resistance, the line posts can be set in compacted soil.

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installing posts and panels vinyl fence installation tips: when working with most pre-built panels, you will set a post, attach the panel to that post, then attach the next post to that panel, and so on. this ensures your posts are in the correct position. 01 verify that all fence posts are of the proper length. if they are too tall, cut them

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the building process is the exact same, except the posts on each side of the gate will be lined with a heavy duty galvanized steel post insert. immediately after installing the vinyl fence post in the wet concrete, slide your heavy duty post into the center. its sort of tough to get it deep into the concrete, so work quickly.

the fastest and most foolproof way to install fence posts

tips to keep in mind 1. dig all the postholes and then set just the two end posts following the step-by-step above. 2. insert two nails into the outer side of each end post, one six inches from the bottom and 3. run two strings taut between the posts, one on the upper set of nails and the other

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the sawn-off ends of the fence post are vulnerable to moisture. consider these precautions if you live in a damp climate: bevel the top of the fence post to a 45º angle to encourage rain runoff, or plan on installing a post cap. treat the two ends with a non-water-based, brush-on wood preservative, such as copper naphthenate.

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6' tall vinyl fence panels will be installed between posts. fee is inclusive of all aspects of the project, such as thorough planning, acquisition of equipment and material, preparation and protection of project site, and meticulous cleanup.

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how to install a vinyl gate post. along with the fencing, you need to install vinyl gate posts designed to support the weight of the gate to allow it to swing open properly. similar to end posts, gateposts are longer, which requires deeper holes than you need to dig for the line posts. depending on the fencing product you choose,