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how to get rid of a groundhog under my shed, deck, or house

repairing the damage and preventing future groundhog issues one of the biggest issues for people once they have removed the groundhog is how to repair the damage. if the groundhog has been under the shed or porch for some time then it could have moved up to 700 pounds of dirt underneath the structure.

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watershed underdeck systems transforms the ceiling space under your deck into an attractive, usable, living area while adding style, value and a beautiful living area. custom underdecking adds a clean look that will brighten the area under your deck.

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the other concern for animals living under your deck or shed is not just the live ones, but the dead one's too. often times sick or old animals raccoons, skunks, opossum, ground hogs, woodchucks, etc. will go under decks or sheds to die.

what to do if a groundhog burrows under your shed or deck

groundhogs, or woodchucks, frequently burrow under sheds and decks.they can create an extensive network of tunnels that can undermine the stability of the structure. the best way to prevent a groundhog from burrowing under a structure on your property is to exclude it with a steel mesh fence.

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awesome under deck shed.this might be the answer to our limited level yard space for a shed building a shed under a deck - allan lilly - made by custommade diy wood garbage shed ideas for shed design,storage sheds 10 x 14 plans for storage shed doors,poultry shed plans how build one properly free shed door plans.

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building a shed under a deck how to build a shed under a deck. the following youtube video covers some important factors to consider when building such a deck. i used 3dsmax to model my deck and shed. i recently converted the 3d deck and shed plans into sketchup so that others can benefit. feel free to download the sketchup file and use google

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under deck storage shed. the search for storage space is a never ending one, particularly if you have limited space. garages are popular options for storage out of the common living space. however, some homeowners dont want to give up their cars parking spot or their garage is already full a backyard shed is another common solution.

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build storage shed under deck - wpc decking,china wood plastic composite decking how to build a shed under a deck ehow build a shed under a deck photo: all images: chris capelle the space under your deck or porch is one of the most overlooked .

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147 best under deck ideas images in 2016 patio under decks . this wood storage shed takes advantage of the space beneath the stairway from .. a soft gray toned, capped composite deck is beautifully 'framed' with white . how to build a deck in your backyard - easy deck building plans.

how to get rid of skunks living under your deck or shed

if you need to get rid of skunks living under your deck or shed, you're not alone. this shy but smelly mammal is rarely welcomed by homeowners, and for good reason. aside from the fact that no-one wants to get sprayed by them, their habit of digging holes and up-ending plants makes them an unattractive guest.

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they can burrow and chew their way into areas such as under sheds to nest. once rabbits make a nest under your shed, it will procreate and babies will be born. moreover, when a rabbit dies, it could be under the shed and getting rid of the carcass will be difficult. to keep rabbits from burrowing under your shed, you can 'rabbit-proof' it with

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shed under a deck. img src : custommade. unlike our previous deck skirting ideas, this idea is rather unique. how could it not? instead of using appropriate materials to decorate the skirting or using them to hang pots, you create a simple shed out of it. this is a good idea if you need extra room for whatever purposes.

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simply put, we place a durable wire mesh down all along the foundation. an animal may try to dig under the deck or shed, but it soon meets the resistance of the wire, gives up, and moves on. this method is the gold standard of the prevention of den diggers like groundhogs and skunks. if this service interests you, contact us about it.

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the roots can grow underneath the shed and lift the foundation right off the ground. solid-concrete blocks. in this type of foundation, the pyramid-shaped blocks are designed for building decks, but they work great for sheds, too provided you choose the right type.

animals living under a deck, porch, or shed

removing a wild animal from under a deck, shed or porch wild animals can often be a problem around a domestic property, and while they will often look for areas above ground level such as attics, wall cavities and chimneys, they can also find their way into spaces beneath decking, a shed or a porch.