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james leads the build on the 1,800-square foot dream deck that includes a huge four-season room with a skylight, an outdoor kitche (more and a sunken hot tub. tv yearbook.

building your deck for a hot tub

always make sure you plan ahead to provide access to the controls. if your deck is being built near the ground, you may consider setting the hot tub on a poured concrete slab with access to the deck. never place a hot tub on top of a deck that was not specifically designed to handle the intense loads.

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1. place the drop-in tub in position on the subfloor. if you are nestling it in a corner or alcove, place the tub 14 1/2 inches from the walls to allow a horizontal space for deck surface tiles

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follow the tub manufacturer’s suggestions and design a platform that’s at least a foot wider and longer than the tub and high enough to support it above the existing floor. build the framework for the platform from 2 x 4s and 3⁄4-inch exterior-grade plywood, using nails and deck screws to fasten them together.

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build the deck with plywood. trace the tub’s pattern onto the plywood and cut out the opening with a jig saw. 4. screw cement board onto the plywood deck. tile the deck and surrounding wall with square tile and bull nose trim. once the tile is set up, grout the seams and allow it to dry completely.

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the hot tub deck. season 1, episode 5. april 21, 2011. jen and mike have a nice home and backyard, but what they don't have is a nice deck. they ask paul to design and build a new one that is

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a hot tub needs a sturdy bottom and close enough to the house for electrical power. adding deck boards is the last step in building a hot tub deck. depending on the height of the deck, the hot tub may be not level with the deck surface.

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cedar porch, hydro-air system, fireplace and stone veneer. season 17, episode 25. february 26, 2007. host bob vila inspects the front deck of the norwell, mass., house, which was decked and sided

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dangerous decks beneath our feet. june 24, 2009 / 10:07 am / cbs the tallmadges said the deck, which held not only the grill, but a hot tub, was only attached to the house with nails.

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it was all hands on deck.” singapore's changi airport (consistently ranked the best in the world) thanks to its movie theaters, rooftop pool, hot tub, and butterfly garden. yet in the united