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pergolas whether your taste is modern or rustic, well design and install for you a unique and enjoyable custom pergola. free-standing or attached, a pergola is a welcoming retreat that will complement the style of your home. we can even connect your new pergola to your roof, with a custom design that will make your pergola seem

6 things that make a house eco-friendly

6 things that make a house eco-friendly here are a few things that you should know about eco-friendly houses. september 21, 2019 by jim bevin leave a comment

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eco friendly composite low maintenance composite made from 95% recycled wood, coated in a textured, weather resistant film. our eco friendly composite fencing, cladding and decking options all come with a 25 year warranty, meaning they are here to last.

modern pergola designs inspired by the classic structures

with the biossun pergola its easy to enjoy your outdoor spaces longer. the design is simple and modern, with covers that regulate the temperature while also offering protection from the sun and rain. this bio-climatic pergola is made primarily of aluminum so its recyclable and eco-friendly.

how to make an eco-friendly backyard forgardening

chemical-free garden how to make an eco-friendly backyard. first, lets talk about chemicals. even though there are many public campns that are raising awareness of the danger of using lawn chemicals and educating about the effect chemicals have on nearby water bodies, nature, and the animals, many individuals simply choose to ignore it.

32 best pergola ideas and designs you will love

for this casual, summery look, you can use locally-sourced materials for an eco-friendly touch. the dual pergola-porch area is paved with gray stones. stone steps add an intriguing, warm color contrast. the white, wooden roof of the pergola extends out from the house to two pillars that combine wood and gray stone to unify the look. 2.

best eco-friendly practices for organic restaurants

beyond certification, gra offers convenient and cost-effective tools that will help make your eco-friendly transition stress-free, so this is a great organization to check out. the green business network: green america's green business site is a program of green america, and their network is huge, comprised of 5,000 businesses.

13 eco-friendly, natural and organic hair, makeup and

from make-up to skincare, here are the eco-friendly beauty products that every woman who wants to look flawless and save the world at the same time, needs to have on her radar asap.

how to make an ecofriendly ganesh idol with pictures

how to make an ecofriendly ganesh idol. this article will teach you how to make an eco-friendly idol of lord ganesha. it will be made out of flour, which is an eco-friendly material. the ganesha festival brings a tremendous increase in w

how to make homemade natural dyes

more eco-friendly tips. now that you see how easy it is to make homemade dye, are you interested in learning even more simple eco-friendly tips? then be sure to check out a few of our other popular posts: best zero waste products for beginners; natural cleaning ingredients you should never mix; how to make homemade furniture polish

5 eco-friendly firelighters how to make your own

should you buy eco-friendly firelighters, or make them? when it comes to deciding whether to buy or make eco-friendly firelighters, the key thing to think about is the trade off between time and money. of course, the decision that you make will depend on your own individual circumstances. buying eco-friendly firelighters will cost money, while

40 diy homemade structures to plant vines: trellis, arbor

40 diy homemade structures to plant vines: trellis, arbor, pergola. most of these projects can get done in a weekend. typically a trellis is created either from wood or metal and sometimes with plastic such as pvc. if you are working with a material that is brand new to you, try asking a diy buddy for a little assistance.

how to build a metal pergola

if you choose, you could make your metal pergola from reclaimed scrap, allowing you to add an attractive feature without doing any harm to the environment. step 1 - mark out the area. begin by marking out the area where you will be putting the pergola. measure out the area, and then place a stake at the beginning.

how to make a dried fruit garland eco-friendly christmas

step 1 measure the desired length of your garland and cut the thread twine, string . make sure you add some extra length on each end to make a loop. step 2 use a large needle and start threading the fruit slices. add cinnamon sticks optional . you can tie them with the thread or drill a hole in the center.

3 reasons you should consider a pergola

design options abound with pergolas. your next decision will be materials. there are a variety of materials to consider and all come with advantages and disadvantages: pressure-treated wood: a pressure-treated wood pergola is often your least expensive option. theyll have a reasonable lifespan but pressure-treated lumber can warp, crack,

eco-friendly gardening: tips to create an eco-garden

whether you have a small yard or a large garden, you can make your outdoor space more eco-friendly using a few simple tips and equipment. one way to create an eco-garden is by going organic. you can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and lawn in a more organic manner by avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

6 things that make a house eco-friendly

eco-friendly living is the new buzzword in town. thousands of people are trying to incorporate eco-friendly gadgets in their homes as a part of this initiative. but what actually makes a house eco

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aluminium pergolas dubai. custom shades dubai. pergola dubai. pergolas dubai. shade aluminium dubai. aluminium shades dubai. bring the outdoor inside. eco friendly. environmentally friendly recycled aluminum materials. never rust. pergolas are constructed of commercial grade extruded aluminum and will never rust.

how to make your own eco-friendly christmas crackers

pulling a christmas cracker over the dinner table is a fun, festive tradition. but more and more people are boycotting ready-made crackers for environmental reasons. heres how to make your own eco-friendly and plastic free christmas crackers, complete with a bang there's a growing

13 eco-friendly makeup brands and skincare names to go

eco-friendly makeup brands such as vapour makes me feel guilty about using products using synthetic chemicals because seriously, people at vapour seem to blur the lines between art and eco-consciousness, even using solar and wind power in their laboratory to manufacture their products.

how to build a pergola attached to the house: instructions

pergolas provide shade and a place to hang potted plants over patios and decks. if you choose to attach your pergola to the house, it must be anchored to the house framing and not the trim, siding or fascia boards. since attaching a pergola to the house framing is a structural change, youll need a building permit in most cases.

eco-friendly pet products to make pets sustainable, one

the best eco friendly pet cleaning product is one you can make yourself out of simply mixing white vinegar and baking soda. while the vinegar may not smell the best especially in things like upholstery where it might linger , this is not only inexpensive and pet safe, but gets much closer to being zero waste.

how to make your home eco-friendly

luckily, being eco-friendly does not involve a whole lifestyle change. with a few smart changes, you can actually make your house more sustainable and environment friendly, all while saving yourself some good bucks too. here are a few ways to reduce your homes carbon foot print and make it more greener: save water

how to build a pvc pergola

your pvc pergola can be a shrine to your own craftsmanship. step 1 - selecting a design. a pergola can be arched and ornate. it can be simple and elegant. pergolas might be built from bamboo or oak; they might be mortar or iron. a pvc pergola may be any shape that can be made from elbows and fittings, angled and strht.

30 easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly

forking out half your year's salary for a prius isn't the only way to make your life more eco-friendly. while many people associate going green with inconvenient and expensive lifestyle changes, there are actually several cheap and easy adjustments you can make around the house to significantly shrink your carbon footprint.