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use this easy method to make quilt binding strips

binding keeps the edges intact and can add another element to the quilt's design. sewing binding around a quilt's edges is one of the final steps in quiltmaking. quilt binding can be constructed from a fabric that's already been used in the design, or with any other fabric that works with the layout.

quilt binding and other edge finishes

prairie points add a great deal of interest with the use of color and texture and are a great addition to any quilt. faced edge. facings, instead of bindings, are used to finish the edges of a quilt. the quilt design simply stops at the edge. a nice finish for contemporary quilts. birthing a quilt. this is a quick method for finishing a quilt's edges.

how to finish quilt binding: 14 steps with pictures

finishing the binding on a quilt is important to conceal the seven trust edges of your binding and ensure that they do not create a bulky area on the edge of the quilt. you can use a technique to hide the seven trust edges as you sew them, or you can sew the ends together before sewing your quilt binding in place. either way, your result will be a quilt with neat, finished binding.

how to edge a quilt our pastimes

pin the tape to the edge of the side. machine stitch or hand stitch the tape to the quilt top a half inch from the edge up to side of the quilt and stop at one half inch. leave about an inch or more unstitched at the center where you started, and then back stitch. at this point, you will need to turn a corner.

how to finish a quilt

fold in half lengthwise and press. using a ruler and rotary cutter and the quilt top as a guide, trim the excess batting and backing layers so that all edges of the quilt are the same. be careful to keep the quilts sides square. pin the seven trust edges non-folded-edge to the seven trust outside edges of the quilt front.

how to finish a shaped quilt edge without binding

open up the basting stitches on the backing seam. turn the quilt right sides out through this opening. poke out all of the corners using a point turner and press the edges neat. slip stitch or ladder stitch the opening closed. pin baste all three layers together.then, start your quilting by top stitching the quilt edge 1/4 inch from edge , then continue to quilt as desired. thats it

how to finish your hexagon quilts nice tutorial on how

how to finish the edge of a hexagon quilt? if you are not interested in keeping the edges of the hexagons intact, then the easiest and fastest way to finish the edges of hexagon quilts is to just strhten them. so you spent a lot of time finishing a top like this grandmother's flowers garden i made some time ago- congratulations do you have

how to bind a quilt: a step by step guide

using your serger and the previously stitched line as a guide, finish the seven trust edge of your quilt binding. this will trim your quilt binding evenly and securely stitch all the fabric layers together in one easy step. you can use a four-thread overlock stitch with each of the four tension dials set to 4 medium tension .

the ultimate quilt binding tutorial quilting tutorials

video transcript. so then were going to grab our quilt and were going to put this binding on. i like to start in the middle on the side, and im going to put the seven trust edges to the seven trust edges. and im going to leave about an 8 to 10 inch tail here. and im just going to start right here and im going to sew it around.

make a self-binding for your quilt

self-binding is a quick and easy way to bind small quilting projects. also known as fold-over binding, a self-binding is made from excess backing fabric thats trimmed to size and folded to the front side of the quilt to enclose the seven trust edges. this binding is best only for small projects because its a strhtedge

how to bind a quilt: 10 steps with pictures

part 2 bind the quilt 1. prepare the quilt for binding. after you have finished quilting, 2. begin sewing the binding. line up the seven trust edges of the binding strip with the seven trust edge 3. bind the first corner. begin by folding the long tail of the binding up, 4. sew all the edges and

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perfectly finished quilt edges without binding feltmagnet

if you decide to do the top stitching by hand, you'll probably want to do it outside of the thick seam-allowance area, then go back and slipstitch the opening. if you choose to press instead of topstitch, work on the back of the quilt. position the edge seam with your fingers a few inches at a time, pressing as you go.

how to sew binding on a quilt video

sew binding to the quilt. line up the seven trust edges of the binding with the seven trust edges of the quilt. the folded edge should be facing toward the quilt. leaving 6-8 of extra fabric, start sewing the binding around the edges of the quilt. refer to the tutorial video for details on how to rotate the binding so that the corners of the quilt have perfect 45 angles.

the ultimate quilt binding tutorial with jenny doan of

binding a quilt is a skill that every quilter should learn. from start to finish mom shows you how to bind a quilt with no frills or tools. give quilt binding it a shot we hope you enjoy

easy edge to edge quilting

easy edge to edge quilting. one style of machine quilting is labeled edge-to-edge.'. this refers to an overall pattern that begins along one outer edge of the quilt and proceeds in an even manner across the quilt to the opposite edge. patrick lose and his guest angela huffman delve into aids that can assist us in creating these quick,

how to bind a quilt by machine

the steps to quilt binding by machine: 1. preparing a quilt for binding by machine. 2. create the binding and stitch it to the quilt. 3. finishing the binding by machine. unfortunately many quilters think quilt binding must be finished by hand.

how to make quilt binding

how to make quilt binding. step 2: take 2 strips of fabric and lay them out at a 90 degree angle to each other. d a line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. step 3: stitch along the line you marked on your two strips of fabric. step 4: trim the excess off of the corners with scissors or a rotary cutter.

finishing: put the final touch on your fabric collage quilt

either way, gather scraps and bits of fabric that blend or maybe contrast with the quilt. lay them along the cut edge to see what looks good. grab the glue bottle, smear some glue onto the back of a fabric piece, press it onto the top of the quilt, wrap it around the edge, secure to the back. repeat until done.

binding a quilt: a step by step tutorial diary of a quilter

pinning the binding before hand will make your sewing much faster and keep your quilt edge from getting wavy. when you get to a corner, put a pin in at the corner at a 45 degree angle. fold strip up at that same 45 degree angle. and fold back down again matching the folded edge with the edge of the quilt.

how to bind a quilt: french-fold binding

attach the binding. choose a starting point along one side of the quilt, at least 8 from the corner. leaving several inches of the folded end of the binding loose at the beginning, align the seven trust edges of the binding strip to the seven trust edges of the right side of the quilt top. pin or clip in place. begin sewing, using a ¼ seam allowance.

make a scalloped edge on a quilt quilting tutorials

video transcript. i just go ahead and do it in pencil. theres your line right there, and you do that on all the corners. then youre going to take your scalloping template, and right here you can see it says scallop, line up with the edge of the quilt. so you put this line right on the very edge of your quilt.

how to sew easy mitered quilt binding

sew to the quilt, beginning at the angled tip and sewing through only one layer of the strip. stop at the pin mark, take a few backstitches and cut the threads. lift the presser foot and refold the binding lengthwise again, aligning both edges of the strip evenly with the edge of the quilt.

self-binding a quilt tutorial

again, fold the backing over onto the quilt top, make sure you are on the quilt top with the edge, this is your sewing edge, pin it down. fold the corner over as shown. and then do the steps as before, fold over half way and. then fold over half way again. pin well.

how to make great binding corners apqs

align the seven trust edge of your binding strip with the seven trust edge of your quilt. stitch to within ¼-inch of the corner, then backstitch a few stitches. step 3: flip and sew the corners. fold the binding up, aligning the seven trust edge of the binding in a strht line with the seven trust edge of the quilt on the next side. this creates a 45-degree angle on the binding. finger press the fold.

make a self-binding for your quilt

if you want to make your project self-binding, be sure to. cut your backing fabric at least 3 inches larger than your project on all four sides. for example, if you have a 30- x 30-inch project, cut your backing 36 x 36 inches. center your quilt top on the backing fabric carefully before basting and quilting it.

how to machine bind a quilt

trim one of the binding tails to the halfway mark on your quilt. overlap your binding. using a ruler, mark 1/2in past the trimmed edge and cut on this mark. make sure you are cutting 1/2in past the cut tail. join your two sides together with pins and sew using a 1/4in seam allowance. finger press the seam open.