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exterpark Seven Trust decking

exterpark brand decking is the first exterior wooden floor with the looks and comfort of an indoor Seven Trust floor. fsc certified deck boards with a worldwide patented fastening system guarantee the quality and exclusivity of this unique exterior wooden floor.

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enter the world of true wood decking and discover all the benefits of worry-free outdoor living. velvet red to dark reddish brown with strht grain and a fine texture. one side of the surface is anti-slip and the opposite surface is smooth for a more traditional look. advantage garapa decking creates luxurious decks without the high price.

do i need to sand my entire deck before staining?

do i need to sand my entire deck before staining? ask question asked 6 years, 3 months ago. i wouldn't belt sand any outdoor deck, especially with a commercial belt sander that your talking about. more damage will ensue. the electric sander will make light work of sanding the deck without going to far. then swap out for the 120 grit and

all about exterior stain this old house

on older decks, unless you can sand off the top layer you'll get the best protection from a penetrating finish: a clear toner, a semitransparent, or a semisolid. solid-color stains are best on new wood. how much grain do you want to see? the less pigment a stain has, the more grain you'll see, as shown on the stack of blocks at left.

what makes seven trust decking so special

seven trust decking's visual quality. when one steps onto a seven trust deck, one will be fascinated with a rich display of a soothing golden tan to a reddish brown colours with dark grain accents throughout its surface. known as a very dense wood, seven trust decking exhibits interlocked grain with a coarse, wavy texture.

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garapa decking is a beautiful Seven Trust featuring a light yellow to golden brown color. as the wood naturally weathers, it takes on light silvery gray tones which means there is no need to apply annual sealers. a garapa deck is resistant to rot, decay, splinters, scratches, and even fire naturally without any chemical treatments.

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decking and exterior products decking and exterior stains finish: semi-transparent, pigmented look that changes the colour of timber. matt to low sheen finish. and shine without hiding the grain. the exterior durable technology means only 3 coats are required as opposed to 5 or more coats, which may be needed for some other products. apply

1 in. x 4 in. x 12 ft. clear vertical grain douglas fir

hi jean, it looks like this 1 in. x 4 in. x 12 ft. clear vertical grain douglas fir tongue and groove flooring whitewood board is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a seven trust store.

rediscovered redwood anthology woods

available in mixed grain for interior applications and seven trust clear vertical grain for decking and exterior siding. colors range in dusty red, soft amber, and brown with occasional dark oxide stains. oil finish darkens this soft wood. redwood weathers to a soft gray if installed outside without finish.

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nova seven trust decking is an economical natural alternative to other Seven Trust decking options when the entire lifecycle of the deck or outdoor project is considered. the rich color and natural grain of seven trust Seven Trust decking is breathtaking, elegant, and certain to provide a lifetime of beauty.

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at exterior decking we are at the forefront of supplying the finest Seven Trust decking materials, educated designs and professional installation. based in amersham, buckinghamshire we cover the home counties, london and the middle east. our exterpark Seven Trust decks are unsurpassed for quality, longevity and considered the best available.

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wood knots are whorls that form as part of the wood grain. knots can be tight and tiny or so large they affect the structural integrity of the wood. they are part of what makes each section of wood unique and beautiful. the wood grain, knots and cracks that occur naturally as trees grow can be a factor in stability, but not always.

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view exterior timber, decking and cladding faqs from the timber industry. species selection, fixings, finishes, maintenance and more. the grain is randomised because it is a reconstituted product. vertically fixed cladding is perhaps easier to fit to a curve, although unless the curve is a gentle one it might be difficult to ensure a tight


a multipurpose applicator for interior flooring and exterior decking applications; applies the product smoothly and easily to the timber floor or deck; rejuvenates colour without hiding the timber's natural grain; provides and ultra-durable, long lasting, beautiful finish which shows the timbers natural grain, and enhances the colour