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exterior insulation is like a sweater for your house

it keeps out water, unconditioned air, pests and a host of things you dont want in your nice cozy house. anything you do on the outside of your house will be pounded by nature and thats where were insulating. moisture: exterior insulation will get wet; its a given. the real challenge is not the moisture so much as finding ways

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foam insulation. as far as tom silva is concerned, low-density polyurethane spray foam is the insulation technology to beat. consider its advantages: it forms a lock-tight bond with studs and sheathing that blocks all air movement, it flexes enough to accommodate seasonal wood movement, and it retards but doesn't halt moisture passage.

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if you are building a home, the extra cost of insulated siding will be better spent on upgrading from 2×4 construction to 2×6 construction in the walls or by choosing a better insulation product. if you are re-siding an existing home, then adding insulated siding is your most cost-effective choice for making your home an energy-miser.

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new insulation options are less toxic and more energy-efficient. installing insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly things a homeowner can do. about 65 percent of u.s. houses are poorly insulated, a 2005 harvard study estimates. fortunately, you can cut heating and cooling bills by

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insulating house paint saves energy hy-tech insulating house paint will protect, waterproof and seal while providing space age ceramic paint insulation technology.our line of interior and exterior ceramic house paints, roof coatings and industrial paints provide the ultimate in product performance and ease of application.

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however, you should not minimize the importance of improving the insulation of your home. siding replacing is an opportunity for you to replace or improve the old insulation. this project can keep your home warm during the cold season and reduce the energy cost. you have three options of insulation: a permeable wrap insulation b foam insulation

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if you are in a climate where your pipes don't freeze under your home, then you don't need much insulation at all. you could probably use something like huber's zip r-12 system and achieve continuous exterior insulation that would make the home efficient and keep the wood framing happy and dry. 3.

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adding insulation to a wall will change the place where the dew point occurs. the effect of external insulation is to warm the wall and this in turn moves the dew point outwards, towards the colder external air, thereby reducing the risk of condensation appearing on the internal surface.

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it keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer producing savings on energy costs. made of more than 99% natural ingredients consisting of minerals and plant-based compounds unlike traditional fiberglass insulation. it's also verified to be more product details close

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tips for insulating older homes. this 1½-inch-thick ribbon of wood is the only thing between old man winter and the joist bays, and up to 15 percent of the energy loss in a home happens right there. one side of the house is wood exterior with vinyl siding over it. the other side has brick walls and the other is stone.

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i get asked a lot about insulating old houses, especially in the wintertime. it makes sense. people fall in love with the character rich architecture of these homes, but they dont want the crazy heating and cooling bills that come along with that character.. chances are good that if your house was built before the 1960s, there is little to no insulation.

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to minimize these annoying noises, you need both exterior and interior wall insulation. need insulation for your home in the austin, texas area? call us today at 512 523-5395 or contact us online to get started what is the best exterior wall insulation? as one of the biggest sources of air leaks, your exterior walls need to be insulated and

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q: will blown-in cellulose insulation damage my old wood-frame house? a: the oil embargoes of the 1970s sparked a rush to insulate buildings of every kind. blown-in cellulose became a very popular material for old houses: it was quick and cheap to add, and it even covered its costs through reduced heating energy bills. where this insulation was

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for the outside facing walls of your home. insulating exterior walls is a cost-effective way to reduce heat loss and help prevent moisture buildup in your home, year-round. as these walls are your homes first line of defense, its important that the insulation you use accounts for all of the changing weather conditions outside.

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myths about insulating old house walls. submitted by bob yapp on sun, 06/07/2009 - 1:48pm then the moisture enters the exterior sheathing and wood siding causing permanent exterior paint failure. i've inspected thousands of old houses with blown-in insulation and over 80% of them have this wet insulation problem. if your house is drafty

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i had wood siding on my house which is from 1980. in 2014 i went around for months to decide what was best. i ended up with new insulation a tax deduction save your info and whatevers; i had new vinyl windows put in and at the end of the insulation they put the green wrap up to protect from moisture, etc and then finished it up with the hardiplank siding.

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increasing the insulative value of a home will help to reduce energy bills and provide year-round comfort for the homeowners. a cost-effective way to increase the r-value of exterior walls, while also providing moisture control, is to use insulated foam sheathing instead of wood sheathing.

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insulating your exterior walls in a cold climate is very important and ultimately should be done, but it must be done wisely. blowing insulation in a wall cavity willy nilly is a sure fire way to create rot and mold issues. old houses often have no building wrap or the wrap is 100-year old felt or kraft paper that has begun to degrade.

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log home insulation: insulating value r-value and heating comfort of log homes, log home insulating and r-value properties comparison of the insulating and thermal properties of solid log homes with other structures questions and answers about the insulating, heating, and cooling properties and comfort of log homes and other solid wood log-constructed buildings

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shannon from shows you how to install rigid styrofoam on the exterior of a home, exterior insulation - what not to do and the correct way - duration:

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home insulation is a crucial but intimidating project. however, it is a necessary skill for any homeowner. insulate your exterior walls with confidence with these helpful tips.

how to insulate an older brick home how to insulate an older brick home can be a challenge. if furring strips were nailed to the inner masonry, there is only a narrow 3/4-inch space to add insulation. very old brick homes often have no space to add insulation as the plaster was applied directly to the brick wall.