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home > us coast guard command instructions > > coast guard deck watch officer examination program - ci 16672 5a0001. policy - ci 16672 5a0002 this instruction establishes the coast guard's deck watch officer dwo examination program, and minimum qualification requirements. 2. deck watch officer dwo exam.

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deck watch officer study guide courtesy of bm3 dareck poirier disclaimer: any study guide may have incorrect information, as everyone is human including the bms who've written the study

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inland only two power-driven vessels are crossing within a half a mile of each other as shown in illustration d042rr below. vessel 'a' sounds one short blast on the whistle.

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an officer of the deck ood is a watchstanding position in a ship's crew in the united states navy, united states coast guard, and noaa commissioned officer corps who is tasked with certain duties and responsibilities for the ship. the officer of the deck is the direct representative of the ship's commanding officer and is responsible for the ship.

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did you know that marina released multiple exam questions for seafarers through their official website? yes, marina officially released guide questionnaires for seafarers that will serve as a reviewer for aspiring officers. included in the guide questionnaires are exam questions for oic engine, oic deck, management engine, and management deck.

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scope: purpose. this instruction establishes the coast guard's deck watch officer dwo examination program and minimum qualification requirements.

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all coast guard deck examination questions. listed below is a table of contents of the questions on this subject as they appear in the online study. click on the 'enter online study' link above to begin preparing for your exam. the online study database is updated annually now as soon as the nmc releases their sample exams.

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ok so i had a few question and wanted to see if some one could help me get a few answers. first of i have a depot date of jan 8 2012 and a bm a school date of feb 12my first question is did they change the dwo exam recently? i read the nav book and have

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a deck officer cadetship is the springboard to an exciting career away from the normal office based nine-to-five routine. with no shortage of opportunities, deck officer cadets who qualify will be provided with a wealth of opportunities that long-term can be continued at sea or ashore.

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directives affected. the coast guard deck watch officer examination program, comdtinst 16672.5d is cancelled. 4. discussion. controlling the safe movement of a coast guard vessel as officer of the deck ood or as coxswain is a challenging and highly demanding duty. assuming such an

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ten must have books for deck officers. by the time you reach your oral exam you need to be able to recite the rules of the road off by heart backwards in your sleep. the colregs pocket book is ideal for preparing yourself for your orals and more importantly for taking a navigational watch at sea. it contains extensive questions on

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b. the great lakes on the us side of the boundary. rule 3 o 'inland waters' means the navigable waters of the us shoreward of the navigational demarcation lines dividing the high seas from harbors, rivers and other inland waters of the us and waters of the great lakes on the us side of the int'l boundary.

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proud to be a sri lankan deck officer home oral exams questions 3d and animation pivot point colombo port research 10.when instructed to inspect, check and test the bridge navigation equipment, prior to sailing, what actions would you take? 11.while at sea, during your bridge watch, a man is lost overboard from an

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the third officer is a member of the deck department. serves as a deck watch officer and assists the master and senior deck officers in carrying out their responsibilities; and in their absence may assume command of the ship. may be called upon to assist the navigation/operations officer or operations personnel with conducting various duties

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the partnerships cultivated by mr. yowell resulted in two non-profit community colleges receiving accreditation by the national maritime center nmc the first non-profit institutions accredited by the nmc and provided zero-cost opportunities for coast guard students to receive deck watch officer exam credit from the nmc.

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port officer of the deck is an officer or petty officer on watch designated by the commanding officer to be in charge of the unit. the ood is primarily responsible for the safety and proper operation of the unit. a petty officer assigned as the in-port officer of the deck has the same status as a commissioned

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prepares a person to become a deck officer. nautical science is a three years course after which the student joins a ship as a trainee deck officer. after completing sufficient time at the sea and clearing required competency exams, the officer climbs the hierarchy level. nautical science imparts naval technology

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get ahead with a $300 test prep scholarship enter to win by tuesday 9/24 learn more. seamanship 3 watchstanding. junior officer of the deck jood. and passage of word throughout the ship. also responsible for the watch routine rotation of enlisted watchstanders and for the instruction, behavior, and appearance of the enlisted