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concrete is a versatile and durable flooring material, but in time it can end up in pretty bad shape. how do you add life to a tired, old, cold and dull slab of concrete? why not build a timber deck on top of it? the principles of laying a timber

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how to build a deck on uneven concrete i have a huge concrete slab that gradually slants downward as it gets farther from my house. i assume it was built this way so water would run away from the house.

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constructing the deck's frame first and then using the frame as a guide is the simplest way to lay garden decking on uneven concrete. for both ground-level and raised garden decks, a frame allows you to measure the height for underlying support beams that will make the deck surface level.

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you'll be up in the air on a slab of concrete or whatever, and he'll be flying around. as soon as it starts, watch out because he will start by ramming into you. , so this is a great opportunity to lay the smackdown. that's pretty much it though, end this fool to finish the verse. even though usually you can hit the uneven parts and it

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summary: tom helps homeowner mark andrews of charleston, massachusetts, level an uneven concrete floor so he can install Seven Trust flooring. in the ask this old house loft, tom, richard, roger and kevin examine an unfamiliar object and try to guess how it is used. then richard shows homeowner jenna williams of rex, georgia, a simple repair for a tom helps homeowner mark andrews of charleston

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home local business blog how to lay decking on uneven ground. how to lay decking on uneven ground. saturday, june 29, 2019 - 12:00am . this post was written with the expertise of ds brothers ltd, a professional group of builders in london. place the posts into the holes and fill around them with concrete.

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