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pool plaster also called whitecoat or marcite can last many years before the erosive effects of water and chemicals begin the degrade the surface. the surface eventually becomes rough, and stains become more difficult to remove. plaster is the waterproof coating that is spread on top of the gunite or shotcrete shell of your pool.

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made of a mixture of cement, water, and marble dust or silica sand , marcite is a standard plaster application for pool surfaces. sometimes referred to as white plaster, this surface choice is dependable and provides a watertight seal over porous gunite.

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any of the products and surface options listed here can provide years of reliable performance and dazzling beauty in a well-made and well-maintained pool or spa. the key to enjoying that success, and avoiding unexpected frustration, is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each, to choose wisely and take steps in maintaining the product.

gunite pools pros and cons you should consider before

easy to customize designs: our professionals can build gunite pools to suit an array of pool designs. furthermore, gunite can maintain their durability and shape over time because of the steel framework, which is used together with this material.

gunite pools customize shape and size for a unique pool

gunite pools, widely known as shotcrete pools, are one of the most popular options due to the durability of material and the opportunity to create a swimming pool in a standard or most peculiar shape. we shall see the pros and cons of gunite pools, why they are so popular and what are the benefits that they offer to their owners.

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while vinyl and fiberglass pools are more affordable, gunite pools give you the most flexibility with the appearance of your pool. generally, pool plaster tends to erode over time. this causes the pool surface to cut, scrape, and scratch the skin. a pool plaster finish typically lasts between 5 and 10 years.

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with all the different choices of pool finishes it can be confusing when trying to pick the right surface for your pool. this post compares all the different pool finishes to help you make the best decision. contact willsha pools if you have any questions or would like a free estimate.

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pool surface options go beyond the basic white plaster. eastern aquatics can help you have a beautiful long-lasting pool surface with a quartz finish. a quartz finish is an aggregate with ceramic-coated sand and offers a lifestyle of 15 to 20 years.

gunite swimming pool plaster eastern aquatics

pool plaster is more than an attractive addition to the pool, its also necessary for durability and function. the finish helps protect the pool surface against chemical imbalance, age, and general wear and tear.

gunite pools pros and cons you should consider before

with flexibility and resilience, gunite pools offer unbeatable value. its important that you consider gunite pools pros and cons to weigh your options. if your primary concern is durability, gunite may be the best choice. do not wait for the summer season to consider building your own gulf coast backyard pool, get rolling now.

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its the solid structure which forms the shell of a precision pool and spa. for decades gunite has been used to create in-ground swimming pools and spas, including new york and the northeast. it is the number one choice for commercial swimming pools and many residential swimming pool customers choose gunite for its unparalleled strength.

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quartz, tile, fiberglass, pebble and stone surfaces are some of the more popular possibilities offered by pool resurfacing contractors. to decide which is right for you, consider cost, durability, how they look with your pool lighting, and required maintenance. quartz. quartz finishes are popular due to their visual appeal and durability.

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the cost to resurface a typical 1,000 square foot pool can be as low as $1,000 for a vinyl liner. gunite and fiberglass can average up to $6,500, including labor. depending on what you currently have, resurfacing may require completely replacing the pool surface and base.

what are gunite and shotcrete?

shotcrete or gunite. gunite is a mortar that is sprayed pneumatically onto surfaces at a high velocity. gunite or shotcrete material is mortar or small-aggregate concrete applied using a wet or dry process. once gunite has been applied it starts a simultaneous process of consolidation and settling.

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a gunite pool is sometimes also referred to as a concrete pool, shotcrete pool, or marcite pool. shotcrete is concrete or sometimes mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique. shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term that can be used for both wet-mix and dry-mix versions.

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pool resurfacing options. pool surfaces need to be replaced and renovated, just like other parts of your home. like anything that sees a great deal of use, swimming pool interiors wear out over time. the good news is that your pool resurfacing options are much better than they were when your pool was originally built. todays pool and spa owners have many reliable and beautiful swimming pool resurfacing options available.

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combining plaster or gunite with pebbles can increase the durability of the pool surface and allow for additional design options. vinyl pool liners pros: cost effective, customizable, relatively low maintenance, stain resistant, easy to refurbish

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ability to customize shape -> surface. structurally sound and immovable. durability. resurfacing every 15-20 years. in addition to designing and building brand new pools, tennessee custom pools has a pool rescue division. a great majority of the pools that we rescue and remodel are fiberglass or steel with liner.

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re: gunite pool on recently purchased home- resurface options? i moved into a home with a fiberglass coated gunite/plaster pool and i really like it. very smooth surface and bright white. i had not experienced this resurface type before but do enjoy the benefits. this is a link to a company in ca that has been doing this process since 1993.

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a gunite pool is the strongest and most durable type of pools available on the market. at aqua pool, we specialize in inground gunite pools. the customization process available for this form of pool construction enables customers to select design and shape options in addition to further items like stairs, location of stairs, benches, sun shelves, and depth.

gunite pools customize shape and size for a unique pool

gunite pools, widely known as shotcrete pools, are one of the most popular options due to the durability of material and the opportunity to create a swimming pool in a standard or most peculiar shape.we shall see the pros and cons of gunite pools, why they are so popular and what are the benefits that they offer to their owners.

in ground gunite advantages and disadvantages of gunite pools

in ground gunite. a crew then trowels the gunite smooth and lets it sit for a week or two before applying the finish. the finish options are plaster, special concrete paint, pebble, or even glass surfaces. additionally, gunite pools can also be layered in tile, exposed aggregate or even fiberglass finishes.

in ground gunite advantages and disadvantages of gunite pools

benefits of an inground gunite pool. durability gunite swimming pools, when designed and built properly, are considered to be the most robust and long-lasting of types of inground pools. gunite pools can last a lifetime and therefore can be remodelled to change colours or style multiple times.

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vinyl liner swimming pools are a popular option for pools. typically constructed with steel walls and vermiculite or sand bottoms, the liner pool is constructed where weather changes seasonally and water tables can be an issue. there are many different liner patterns available, and newer patterns mimic natural looks of stone and pebble very well.

what is a gunite swimming pool?

with gunite, options for pool design cross the full spectrum. whether building pools with smooth curves, sharp angles, or both, gunite delivers. from beach entries to elevated spas, a myriad of design features can be added to boost your pools overall style and beauty.

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some warmer climates see the gunite pool as the number one building method for residential construction and almost all commercial construction is gunite. the durability of the structure and surface material in the gunite pool is good. impact resistance and the lack of a liner contribute to gunite pools being used in a commercial environment where vandalism is a concern. gunite pools are designed and built on site, and as a result, the design possibilities are nearly endless.