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local plastic-free/bulk/unpackaged/refill/zero waste shops

here is a list of local packaging-free shops and zero waste projects across the uk. there are many shops throughout the uk that will allow you refill your own bags and containers, saving on food and packaging waste, but many of them are shy and won't shout about what they do. so the zerowaster has

recycled plastic beams and sleepers filcris ltd

the largest recycled plastic sleeper available in the uk, can be easily sawn and drilled and ideal for heavy duty landscape construction projects.

plastic shed no maintenance whatsoever eco plastic wood

our recycled plastic wood is an innovative solution blending practicality and environmental issues into one. the recycled plastic shed is an innovative environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional shed. we manufacture all of our products in our leicestershire base.

recycled plastic wood lumber uk manticore lumber

plastic wood lumber. manticore lumber is a plastic wood alternative made from 100% recycled plastic, using plastic waste that is unusable in conventional recycling processes. saving these materials from landfill, giving them value and recycling them into a long life product, provides a harmonious solution to sustainable living.

plastic extrusions lumber

our recycled mixed plastic lumber profiles are for heavy duty use and made in the uk with a specification tailored to your particular application. the waste plastic used comes from the usual recycling bin contents collected from homes and businesses all over britain - plastic bottles, milk cartons, plastic buckets etc.

kedel's plastic wood - what is it? - youtube

eco friendly plastic and sand tiled houses - duration: extrude beams from plastic waste preciousplastic wood plastic composite high output production on tc86 twin screw extruder

recycled mixed plastic beams sleepers 240 x 160mm

tough, heavy duty profiles that will never rot, do not warp or crack and need no maintenance. there are no splinters for little fingers and they do not contain toxic preservatives normally used in wooden sleepers. ideal for landscaping, play areas or casual seating. will never need replacing. available in a variety of lengths.

beams and sleepers - recycled plastic lumber uk wood

kedel ltd specialise in producing products made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic. we have a creative inventory, with examples such as: recycled plastic lumber, garden furniture, outdoor funiture, compost tumblers and raised beds to name a few. it is our hope you will come to us first as the impact of our business can have a huge effect on helping in the planet in many ways.

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send eco plastic wood a message. if you are interested in our products or services please feel free to get in touch, either by telephone, or sending us a message using the form below. we are members of. contact us. eco plastic wood unit 6 oakhill industrial estate euston street leicester le2 7st