how to calculate linear foot for a fence

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use the length calculator to get estimates of fence length. enter values in the length calculator if fence area is reasonably regular. if the fence line is irregular because of boundaries, topography, etc., then enter the value directly under general inputs. click anywhere on the page to see calculator function.

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3.stretches in feet all entries must be in feet no fractions . any place where the fence changes direction ends one stretch and starts another. a gate placed in a stretch actually creates two separate stretches except on either extreme end of a line of fence . the most common mistake is to ignore the fact that a gate,

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the area of the fence is 6 100 = 600 square feet. the width of the fence boards, including the 1-inch gap between them, is 6 1/2 inches. a foot has 12 inches, so the width can be expressed as 6.5 ÷ 12 = 0.54 feet .

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step one: enter either the linear feet or acreage of the area you will be working. step two: enter the wire choice. step three: click on the submit button to see your results. or. *fence length based on a square area and will vary based on shape of the desired fenced area.

how to calculate linear feet for your fence

a linear foot is the measurement of a strht line in feet. so, if you had a fence board that was 6 feet high and 8 feet wide, then the linear footage of that fence board would be 8 feet. understanding how to measure linear feet is helpful when trying to calculate the approximate cost of your fence and the materials youll need.

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answers. a foot is a foot. you need to measure your yard area. be sure to put the fence in your yard not on the property line. found many web sites that will give estimates, but you need to know what you want and the length.. included links to websites that describe different styles.

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for example if your fence is a total of 150 linear feet lf in length and you have a 6 ft. tall fence, the square footage is 900. but wait, there are two sides, so the total square footage of a 150 ft. fence that is 6 ft. tall is 1,800 square feet.

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how to calculate the cost of chain fence by the foot - home guides. the cost of your fence is ultimately based on the linear feet of fence you need. wide, you would take 109 feet minus 9 feet, equaling 100 feet of fence material.

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line posts should be placed at intervals equivalent to the length of your panelsprobably either every 6 or 8 feet. end panels may need to be cut if there is a section of your yard not divisible by the length of your panels. mark your end posts. an end post is necessary anywhere the fence ends, whether at your house, a tree, or a gate.

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1 vinyl privacy fence wear resistance ranks first in plastic, and the higher the molecular weight, the material, the higher the wear resistance and impact resistance;

how to calculate the cost of wrought iron fencing

how to calculate the cost of wrought iron fencing. date: november 8, 2013. an easy way to estimate the total cost of a 4 high residential wrought iron fence would be to use $16.50 per linear foot. the 4 commercial wrought iron fence cost would then be around $24 per linear foot.

how to calculate your fence staining project

first, to calculate the square footage, you need the total linear length of the fence youre wanting to stain. second, we need to know the height of the fence. measure from top to bottom of the fence to get the height. next, take the total length of the fence and multiply it by the height length x height .