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how close to the house can i put posts for a deck

if your dream home, do investigate stone decks. once installed, they are near maintenance free each year afterwards - unless wood decks. note: i also hear the floating decks do not need a building permit. thus, saving lots of dollars as well. they have to be no more than 6 ft apart for a strong deck . of course do the 1-800-one-call.

what height decking and dpc

what height decking and dpc. my profile my preferences my mates. search my stuff. what's new 3 12 24 72. can decks be installed above the damp proof course dpc of my home level with a door?

i am about to start decking ,should the final height of

damp proofing i am about to start decking ,should the final height of decking be two course of bricks below damp course as this creates a step to outside

decking above damp proof course diynot forums

decking above damp proof course. discussion in 'in the garden' started by having read through loads of posts on here about decking the general concensus is not to worry too much about the dpc as long as there is a small gap between ledger and wall to aid drainage. i'm planning on building a deck for the first time, eek in the near

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the qualifications your damp proofing specialist needs. unlike some of the more common trades, damp proofing experts wont necessarily need to hold a qualification or formal accreditation. the most valuable quality for a damp proofing specialist will be experience for two reasons.

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damp proofing during the construction of buildings and homes plays a vital role in the control of moisture. without the right application of damp proofing, moisture can rise up through the walls and cause potential damage to the building. our range of british standard products offer adequate

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how can i lay decking over an existing patio and above the

we would like to cover an existing patio with decking, but the patio tiles are only just the recommended level under the damp prove course. this would mean anything laid on top would be too high. is there any solution, such as leaving a gap round the edge, having some kind of splash back on the house wall etc? thanks

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damp-proof course dpc

rising damp, and some penetrating damp, can be caused by faults to, or the absence of a damp-proof course dpc or damp-proof membrane dpm . a damp-proof course is a barrier, usually formed by a membrane built into the walls of a property, typically 150 mm above ground level, to prevent damp rising through the walls.

decking damp issue inside diynot forums

decking damp issue inside. discussion in 'in the garden' started by mj62mj62, 12 aug 2014. make sure the spacers are near the bolts, i suspect you will find this hard to do as the deck boards will tie the whole lot up. neighbours decking bridging my damp course - advice please. stu1978, 3 may 2012, in forum: in the garden. replies:

how far back should you dig out a damp course

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french drain/ decking??

french drain/ decking?? below the damp course is a positive step in the right direction and then reinstate the french drain as an extra precaution. the drain may in fact be working but the damp may be also be that the original damp course has broken down and needs replacing. it is bad practice to have any soil or dirt near the wall as it

decking off the house and damp course

decking off the house and damp course hi all, i am currently in the process of building a pergola off the house and then plan to do decking flush to the back doors but someone has mentioned about it needing to be lower than the damp course.

damp proof course minimum height from ground slope diy

hi all, my first post on here and im after information regarding damp proof course minimum height when the ground level is sloping. basically to paint the picture i am part exchanging my current house, we have no issues with damp inside or outside the house, but after inspection from the part exchange surveyor he has picked up on 'damp proof course breach', which after questioning him about it

laying decking on top of existing patio? screwfix

i want to put some decking outside a house's patio doors. there is currently a patio there and i want to make the job easy by building the deck on top of the patio rather than having to rip it all up. the one thing im concerned about is the damp course.

can you fit decking above a damp course? yahoo answers

can you fit decking above a damp course? answer save. 6 answers. relevance. norman m. between the wall and the decking. this gap will be a trap for leaves and other debris. i fitted some wire mesh over the gap - tacked to the decking, to stop leaves, debris - etc falling in. 0 1 0.

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