disadvantages of beam and block flooring

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suspended floor suspended floor: a suspended floor is one that is suspended above the ground. it rests on beams spanning between supporting walls. block and beam floors are a very popular type of suspended floor. 26 disadvantages: 1. more expensive 2. requires machinery to lift heavy beams advantages: 1. quick to construct 2. can be laid in any

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on “ask this old house,” projects include replacing a rusty bathroom-sink stopper and installing a prefinished Seven Trust floor. also: silva discusses the pros and cons of various types of flooring.

beam and block floors advantages of using aircrete beam

beam and block floors were developed for use on sites with poor or contaminated land, or for sloping sites. building above the ground overcomes these problems, as well as eliminating the risk of slab failure through clay heave or settlement of fill, problems mostly associated with a poured concrete floor.

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beam & block benefits. combining traditional building methods with modern materials to provide effective solutions for ground and upper floors in both domestic and commercial structures.

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the floor to the rest of the property is block and beam. are they any advantages/disadvantages to having a block and beam floor. i'm worried that the floor will be colder due to the airflow under the floor or will this not be a problem if it is insulated properly.