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city charter & codes. the basic law of the government of the city of los angeles is found in the city charter, first adopted by a vote of the people in 1924, effective july 1, 1925, and subsequently amended from time to time. a new city charter was affirmed effective july 2000. city charter administrative code municipal code election code

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fire code bans use of barbecues on decks of apts. and

here's the gist of what the code reads: in 2007, california updated its fire code and adopted portions of the 2006 international fire code, including sections 308.3.1 and . those sections effectively ban the use of open-flame cooking devices on combustible decks. this ban became operative on january 1st, 2008.

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municipal code (current through september 30, 2019) planning and zoning (chapter i of the municipal code, current through september 30, 2019) election code (operative february 18, 2007; amendments current through june 4, 2019) los angeles city hall 200 north spring st. los angeles, ca 90012.

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los angeles municipal code

los angeles municipal code sec. 53.06. animals at large. (amended by ord. no. 160,401, eff. 11/1/85.) no person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of any animal, except cats which are not in heat or season, shall cause, permit or allow the animal to stray, run, or in any manner to be at large in or upon

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the city of los angeles building code is codified in the los angeles municipal code, chapter ix, article i. click here to access the los angeles building code. los angeles electrical code. the purpose of the los angeles electrical code is to reduce the personnel hazard and the fire hazard from electrical causes.

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los angeles municipal code section section 42.00 (b) street vending prohibited. (amended by ord. no. 182,813, eff. 12/10/13.) except as otherwise allowed by law, no person shall engage in vending upon any street except