measurements for a deck around a 24 ft pool

what is the circumference of 24' round pool

how many yards is around a 24 ft round pool with a 2 ft edging around it? the circumference of the pool is 24 ft so its radius is 24/ 2*pi = 3.8 ft.then radius of pool edging = 3.8 2 = 5.8 ft

diy: how to build a pool deck

77 perfect floating deck above-ground around pool design ideas - deconatic - duration 61 georgeous above ground pool ideas with decks swimming pool deck designs and plans - duration: 6:28

octagonal deck around a circular pool

the radius of the pool half the diameter is r. the width of the deck is w. the rest we will calculate. now you can see that we are dealing with right triangles, so we can use simply trigonometry to solve the rest of the dimensions. first consider what angle must be. how many identical triangles are there around the whole circle?

how to select the correct sized above ground winter pool

how to select the correct sized above ground winter pool cover my above ground pool size is 15 x 24 but i have a walking deck around 3/4 of the pool and a larger deck area on the end. what size cover do i get? how to select the correct sized above ground winter pool cover most popular.

how is a circle above ground pool measured? yahoo answers

find the smallest width of your deck. for instance if it is a 14 foot by 16 foot rectangular deck then the smallest width would be 14 feet. then subtract about 6 feet from the so that you would have abou 3 feet of clearance around the pool.

above ground pool deck ideas abovegroundpool

above ground pool deck ideas; semi-in ground pools can be buried halfway into the ground thus a deck around this pool will require less materials. the contractor will design blueprints of the deck with the correct measurements and include the features you want. from here your budget will dictate whether you need to scale down or add

above ground pool ideas plans and design for backyards

above ground pool ideas plans and design. the extra foot is to provide a one foot area all the way around the pool for drainage. for example, if your pool is a 24 foot round, and your yard is flat, your radius is 13 feet which give you a 26-foot diameter.