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how to build pergolas on existing decks pt.1 when you want to add a pergola an existing deck the first consideration is whether the deck will support the additional weight. aesthetics is the second concern.

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refer to local government regulations for requirements regarding pergola s. it is strongly recommended that a competent professional builder be engaged to construct pergola s. it is also important to make sure that the pergola does not interfere with existing drainage, plumbing or electricity services.

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consider building a pergola on the deck, ensuring that you will receive the best in outdoor living areas and protection from the elements. the first thing you need to do when building a pergola over an existing deck is to check whether there are any building codes or regulations that you will have to meet during construction.

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build a pergola on existing deck beautiful 16 fresh deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county building a pergola on raised deck can i reasonably build a pergola on top of an 8 x12 deck home remodelaholic diy pergola tutorial how to build your own backyard.

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screw or bolt the cross beams to the posts. screw the cross beams into the posts with bolts or 4 inches 10 cm screws. place 2 screws on each end of the cross beam to secure them tightly. your pergola should now have 2 cross beams running parallel to each other on each side of the structure.

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my idea for the pergola is this: place 4x4x10 posts at the same locations as the deck posts. these would pass thru the deck floor and rest on the beams below. for the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck a, b, d, e , lag-bolt the new posts to the adjacent joists. the 5th post c

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and it will take you to the remodelaholic blog post that has all the dimensions, materials list and step -by-step instructions on how to build your own diy modern deck pergola.

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if you carried the pergola posts to an on-grade or below-grade footing depending on your local requirements, then there would be no problem through-bolting the pergola posts to the deck structure. the synergy would improve the rigidity of the overall structure.

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previously, you would dig a hole for each post and pour a concrete footing at the bottom of each hole for each post to set in. once the concrete had set, you would build the pergola on the posts. today, there are more efficient options to set footings such as helical piers or footings.

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how to build a pergola on an existing deck: choose great hardware there are lots of styles of pergolas you can build on your deck. you can even use lattice work on the sides of your pergola to create a diy privacy screen that gives your pergola mock walls.

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the traditional method of securing your pergola posts into the deck framing is definite way to do it. you might also wish to incorporate the pergola posts as part of the railing posts also. in this way you will make them more rigid including building a rigid roof frame structure overhead and braced to the posts.

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build your own pergola with these simple to follow diy pergola plans. plans include step-by-step illustrations, shopping list, and cutting list. building a pergola is a great project if you want to add a focal point to your backyard.

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build a pergola or arbor to serve as a semi-open patio roof. made of two-by-eight beams, the roof rests on four-by-four posts on one side and attaches to your home on the other. this design uses three layers of interlocking roof beams, but remains open to sky and breeze to offer the best combined features of patio, porch and deck.

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those post run through the deck and attach to concrete pylons below. very sturdy. adding a pergola to an existing deck is, imo, more challenging. ive never done it. fwiw here is what i think i would do - the first question is if the post from the ground up to the deck are in the same position as the posts you want to run from the deck up for the pergola. if the are, great.