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artificial grass for decking

artificial grass for decking artificial grass for decking can transform your drab, dull outdoor space into a luscious, green and soft area thats also super low-maintenance our artificial grass is perfect for making the most out of your garden children and pets love it, too

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creative solutions for artificial grass on decking, patios and more increased leisure / living space. enhanced areas for entertaining / increased revenues for commercial properties. recreational areas for pets and children. 100% recyclable / little to no maintenance. a lush, green, lightweight

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how about a compromise deck the lot and put artificial grass over it, there you go problem solved win/win for all involved. electrical wiring/bus if using dcc installed before on joists before decking boards go on, with power feeds in place to be connected later of if ever needed.

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synlawn provides a lightweight alternative to other roof deck materials making it a perfect solution for older buildings where weight is a factor. safety first. synlawn provides the only artificial grass product with a class 1 fire rating making it safe for use with commercial buildings select products only .

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the floor decking is easy to care for and simple to secure in place by clicking the plates together. the artificial grass will last longer and stay looking fresh as it is both fade resistant and uv stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.

lion lawns artificial grass patio and decking services include:

lion lawns artificial grass patio and decking services include: a range of artificial turf products to choose from. tailored artificial turf design. installation by nvq installers. advice on product choice and maintenance. flexible installation: turf can be laid over hills and recesses, and around garden furniture.

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the benefit of laying artificial grass directly on to decking is that it will save you money as you already have a flat, firm surface that should drain well if the steps below are followed. the more expensive alternative would be to rip out the decking, prepare the groundworks and then install the grass.

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covering your tired decking with artificial grass is a perfect, simple and effective way of brightening up your outdoor space. not only will it transform the look of the garden, it will also provide you with a soft, dry and usable space which can be enjoyed by the whole family. fitting artificial grass onto decking is a lot easier than you may think before laying out your new lawn, be conscious of any loose debris or moss on your decking ensure it is clean and free from anything that is

installing artificial grass on your deck

installing artificial grass on your deck. youve seen people using artificial grass to brighten up their yards and revitalize their existing lawns. you like the look of it, but you dont have a whole yard to place artificial grass in.

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our artificial grass deck tiles are also very convenient and versatile. you can snap them together easily and join them with your existing newtechwood decking or even stone tiles. you can unsnap them and rearrange them to your hearts content as well whether its because your first design is not so much to your liking or just because youre ready to change things up.

5 important artificial grass installation tips

however, one golden rule when installing artificial grass on concrete, paving or decking is to use an artificial grass foam underlay. this is because any undulations in the surface below will appear through the artificial grass. for example, when laid on a deck, you would see each individual decking board through your artificial grass.

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adding artificial grass to decking is very similar to attaching carpet to a wooden floor. clear the area of debris and furniture; clean the decking with a pressurised hose or a scrubbing brush; apply a damp-proofing treatment optional allow to dry for 48 hours; apply marine plywood or shockpad over the decking.

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install artificial grass on your concrete patio to turn a grey and dull surface into a green oasis where you can take your shoes off and relax at the end of the day. fake grass for roof decks. if you own an apartment in a high-rise building, it doesnt mean that you cant have a lawn. artificial grass can grow anywhere you like

artificial grass for decking

once the feature piece of a garden, decking has slowly but surely shown itself as another garden chore to keep up with. ongoing maintenance includes cleaning, re-oiling, and wood treatments as well contending with slippery decking in the winter months. thanks to artificial grass, you can spruce up decking in one simple instalment.

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how to put artificial turf on a deck clear the deck of all objects, including any furniture or chairs. wet the entire deck by spraying it with a garden hose. mix tap water and deck cleaner in a 1-to-1 ratio in a pump sprayer until it is full. clean the deck using a scrub brush. if the deck is

can artificial grass be successfully installed on decking?

artificial grass can be installed on decking. as long as your decking is in good condition, you should be able to install artificial grass on top. however, this is something an artificial grass specialist can help advise on, and the area will still need to be brushed and power blown to get rid of any debris or moss.

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the answer is yes and no. if the decking has a gradient, any water will run off, and you shouldnt worry about drainage. but if the surface is completely flat, puddles can form above the joints of the artificial grass. this happens because the rows of artificial grass are joined with adhesive, which prevents water from running through the material.

artificial grass for decking

yes, some people regret the decision for buying wooden decking, but we have an amazing solution, our artificial grass range are the perfect solution for giving more traction than a hippo on ice skates, skating on hot chocolate. main reasons for using our artificial grass on decking, reduce the slip factor now

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the manchester-based artificial grass company grono lawns, started in 2008, has seen its revenue double every year to £3 million in 2016.

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add diminishing strips to prevent trips. one of the big advantages to using an established surface like concrete paving, patios or even timber decking is that assuming it was well installed in the first place it is already a level surface ideal for laying artificial grass.

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14. installing fake grass on part or all of your rooftop deck is a great way to create a pet restroom area, particularly if this is the only outdoor space for your home. 15. artificial grass is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking lush and inviting. 16.

can artificial grass be laid on decking?

as long as your decking was correctly installed and had measures to protect against the elements applied, there is no risk of decking rotting under artificial grass. in fact, its an ideal surface to apply artificial turf as drainage and restriction of weeds have already been accounted for.

artificial grass and underlay for decking and patios

a good quality artificial grass underlay for decking and patio will be 8-10mm in height, have a strong backing that grips the existing surface and will have drainage holes already embedded in its surface to make sure you avoid getting large pools of water collecting on the surface.