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planning permission fences, gates and garden walls

fences, gates and garden walls. in a conservation area, however, you might need planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area to take down a fence, wall or gate. you do not need planning permission for hedges as such, though if a planning condition or a covenant restricts planting for example, on 'open plan' estates,

22 appealing front yard landscaping

a lovely front yard with a small barrier between the two yards, and a concrete path moving around the side of the home to the back yard. the front yards landscaping consists of lovely greenery, including many small topiaries, a few yellow flowers, and a large japanese maple. urns filled with flowers near the front door also add color. 13.

front yard fence ideas

corner lots can be tricky when it comes to fencing because more of your property perimeter is visible to the neighborhood. in a way, it is almost like you have two front yards. in this case, the solution was to construct a wooden fence across the corner portion of this yard. this creates a small public garden and a large private garden.

height of a front garden fence?

my front garden is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. the new fence would run towards the road and stop with a pathway between the property/fence boundarys end and the road-end ahead. reference to height limits seem to be related to limiting the road view of passing cars not an issue at the end of a cul-de-sac

fence or hedge your garden which is best? successful

i prefer hand-built fences made in situ in the garden rather than pre-made panels. hand-built fences tend to be stronger, and you can make them fit the size of the area. pre-made panels rarely fit exactly how youd like, which means you typically need to cut them to fit the space.

55 best front yard fence design ideas

fences can make or break your kerb appeal. they are no longer just to secure space and mark boundaries, fence walls are now widely used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your frontage.

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construct a secure perimeter with fencing and fence posts, make your garden more private with trellis and screening or create an attractive new gateway for your front or back garden. whether youre replacing just the one broken panel or after a fresh look, we have everything you need from inspiration, help and advice and quality products available for home delivery.

maximum height allowed for a garden fence with trellis

the maximum height of a garden fence with trellis on top is defined when: your council treats a trellis as a fence or a garden wall. in this case, the total height of your fence and trellis should not exceed 2 metres;

22 appealing front yard landscaping

a quaint cottage-style front yard with a rustic wooden fence, planters on the tiered steps, and a wide variety of densely-planted flowers, including both native flowers and exotic varieties. the design also includes a few ferns and ornamental trees. the result is a quaint, colorful front garden and no lawn to mow 10.

legal height for fence front garden

legal height for fence front garden. hi, i share a part wall with my neighbour and today out of the blue there is a fence erected on top of the wall which measures approx 1.95m from my side and from his side is 2.17m. road is on a bit of a slope and all the garden on the street are fairly open with some that have hedges but they are quite short like

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front garden fencing and ideas. fencing, metal railings, wooden and metal trellis are all front garden additions barbican imperial residential metal railings are perfect for garden and housing projects, aesthetically pleasing with a smaller round pale at 19mm garden fencing front ideas see more

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well, here are a few ideas to help you decide what garden fence is best for your front garden. the picket fence also known as palisade fencing, there is a reason that the white picket fence is part of the iconic image of the perfect home.

can i fence my front garden, deeds say no, but my heat

basically i have a sunny large front garden and a small dark back garden around my 1960s detached bungalow in a close. i would like to put some fencing around my front garden to stop my kids and dogs running into the road so it can be a nice useable area.

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a front garden is not always the easiest element of a house to transform and the upkeep is not always simple either, even though this is the part of the property most passerby's will admire. fence calculator

should i add a fence to the front of my property?

a shorter fence is the best bet for your front garden. a three-feet lap fence panel from avon may be the ideal choice. dip-treated for protection against the elements, the height means you can still easily see over it, but your garden boundary will be clear to those walking past.

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fences. not every front yard needs a fence, but sometimes it helps to create a separation between the sidewalk and the garden. front-yard fences should not be the same type of privacy fence as in a backyard; they should be more open and friendlier, setting off your garden rather than sealing it off. - firstlightuk