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for example, if the expected roi on siding were 60% for a project that cost $10,000, the new siding would increase the sale price by about $6,000. hardieplank cost: $2.00-$4.00 per square foot for siding and all trim accessories; hardieplank installation: $5.50-$9.00 per square foot; hardieplank total cost: $7.50-$13.00 per square foot

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cost of painted hardie plank siding. prices below are for hardie light mist color, and may be different for other colors. because there is a total of 24 stock colors it would take forever to create a complete database of all color prices. basically your cost may differ by 5-10% up or down, depending on the color and supplier.

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james hardie is the world leader in fiber cement siding and backerboard. we've been providing a better way to build for over 100 years.

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fiber cement siding prices you can buy planks from your local home improvement store for about $0.70 to $5.25 per square foot. shingles cost from $2.00 to $8.00 each.

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james hardie soffit panels are available in a james hardie soffit panels are available in a vented and non-vented in a range of pre-cut sizes. as with all james hardie siding products hardiesoffit panels are engineered for climate so you can have peace of mind that your siding products will stand up to the harshest elements no matter

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vinyl siding is far cheaper than the fiber-cement siding, both in terms of the product and labor costs. one rough rule of thumb: the maximum you can expect to pay for vinyl siding is the minimum you can expect to pay for hardieplank and other fiber-cement siding products.

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option: remove siding remove siding panels, fasteners and trim pieces - without damage to trim or adjacent surfaces. remove loose or damaged building paper or wrap. dispose of material responsibly. for vinyl, metal or wood siding. material cost includes dump fee. 129 square feet: $428.77: $594.68: fiber cement siding debris disposal

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this way, knowing the given $/sf for labor and material, the math can be done and a dollar amount determined for what to expect for each option, brick versus hardi siding. material alone, regular hardi siding runs approximately $1.15/sf where 'artisan' runs $2.40/sf and brick runs anywhere from $2.50-$5.00/sf depending upon the brick you choose.

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james hardie 7.25-in x 144-in hz10 hardieplank cedarmill fiber cement lap siding at seven trust's. as america's 1 brand of siding, james hardie fiber cement siding and trim bring beautiful design and superior performance to homes from coast to

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james hardie siding products are tested to perform in extreme heat or cold and withstand impact from hail or other debris; cons: james hardie is a luxury brand, but steeper prices pay off with quality materials, a beautiful and long lasting renovation, and a large return on investment at resale .

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hardie board siding pricing and installation cost checklist. get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a hardie board siding contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair. expect the price to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.

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cost of hardiplank siding. hardiplank siding costs zip code sq. ft. basic better best material prices $400.00 - $560.00 $590.00 - $630.00 $700.00 - $810.00 installation cost $210.00 - $320.00 $300.00 - $430.00 $420.00 - $540.00 total $610.00 - $880.00 $890.00 - $1060.00 $1120.00 - $1350.00 total average cost per square foot $7.45 $9.75 $12.35

hardie siding cost: get an accurate price estimate for

as you can see from the two tables above, hardie plank costs about $160 / square for pre-primed unpainted boards, and $190 / square for factory painted material. an average house will require about 22.5 squares of materials, so you will need to spend between $3,600and $4,275 just for siding.

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homeadvisor's siding comparison guide explores the differences, pros, and cons of fiber cement and vinyl, including information on james hardie's hardie board/ hardiplank fiber cement. compare costs, easy of installation, colors, painting options, durability, thickness, r value, length of life and more to decide which is the best siding for your home.

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double wall construction single wall construction general requirements: hardieplank lap siding can be installed over braced wood or steel studs, 20 gauge 33 mils minimum to 16 gauge 54 mils maximum, spaced a maximum of 24 in o.c. or directly to minimum 7/16 in thick osb sheathing. see general fastening requirements.

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neither wood siding or fiber cement are the cheapest options in home siding. fiber cement generally costs slightly more than vinyl siding, at $3 to $4 per square foot for materials. cedar siding can run $5 to $7 per square foot.

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i have used both hardie siding and t-111 on multiple projects. i suggest you evaluate the structural integrity of your wall studs, including wether they are standard size or something less. the hardie and t-111 that seven trust stocks are both good products. also determine if you are experiencing any foundation leveling issues.

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no one tests siding like we do. get ratings, pricing, and performance on the james hardie hardieplank select cedarmill primed siding based on the features you care about.

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shop james hardie fiber cement siding in the fiber cement siding and accessories section of seven trusts.com. find quality fiber cement siding online or in store.

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about hardieplank lap siding. sleek and strong, hardieplank lap siding is not just our best-selling product it's the most popular brand of siding in america. with a full spectrum of colors and textures, hardieplank lap siding sets the standard in exterior cladding.

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james hardie siding average costs the actual cost of james hardie siding may vary based on the materials used, the local economy, the complexity of the installation, and other factors. james hardie siding costs $8 to $12 per square foot. for a home with 1,500 exterior square feet, that's a total cost of approximately $15,000. at this price, hardie board is roughly 40 percent more expensive than vinyl siding.

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hardie board siding, created by james hardie and also known as cement board siding, has been around forever, but its popularity seems to come in streaks. typically billed as a low-maintenance, long-lasting material, does it measure up to its reputation? here are the pros, cons and costs of hardie board siding to see how it looks under scrutiny.

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average cost to install hardie board siding on your house will be $9.21 for one sq. ft. or $14,900 for a typical 1600 sq. ft. home, for primed / unpainted hardie plank. factory-painted hardie siding will cost about 5-7% more.